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Looking for a standout scarf for fall? It’s easy to become bored by the multitude of seemingly identical scarves that feebly attempt to draw our attention. Look to folkloric costumes for fun, bright prints, warm fringe, and luscious embroidery!

Traditional folk outfits abound in intricate details and bright colors and nearly every culture produced dazzling scarves that were worn around the head, across the chest, or draped from a shoulder. Don’t worry — you don’t have to wear these stunners Babushka-style!

Etsy store MulberryWhisper has modernized this traditional Russian accessory by modifying it into another incarnation of the perennially-popular infinity scarf. This beautiful piece is decorated with a print of tulips, roses, wildflowers, and grasses and the spectrum of colors will make it easy to coordinate this scarf with your favorite cold-weather outfits!

Infinity scarf made from Russian shawl, $40, MulberryWhisper at (Featured)

This small, coastal country hugged by Spain is known for the colorful costumes that reflect the happy spirit of its people. This large navy blue triangle-shaped scarf in the Domingar print of  northern Portugal can be worn by crossing the ends of the triangle behind your neck and bringing them to your chest. The fringe adds a fun texture and warmth!

Portuguese Domingar scarf in navy blue, $15.42, Princezices at

Mmm… can you smell the pumpkin spice in the warm orange colors of this wool scarf? Created in cozy wool to withstand the cold Polish winters, this scarf is both functional and beautiful. The smaller size of this piece lends itself well to being wrapped around a purse handle or protecting your décolleté against the brisk autumn breeze.

Black wool Polish scarf, $26, EnfantTerribleVTG at

You won’t look like you’re wearing grandma’s tablecloth in this vintage silk scarf. The stylized floral embroidery, known as matyó, is characteristic to Hungarian folk art and also appears painted on furniture and housewares. This silk scarf would make a perfect shawl to wear at formal events!

Handmade vintage Hungarian scarf, $125, TransylvaniaMania at
Folkloric Flair: Photos courtesy of respective Etsy shops

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