Back to School Must-Have Fashion Essentials

Now that school is back in session, finding outfit inspiration for every day of the week that you have class can feel like just another school assignment. Of course, there are social media go-to’s such as Pinterest and Instagram that can always help, but we’re here to make life just a bit easier for you with fashion picks you’ll want to use as much as your favorite school bag. From smart, innovative readers and classic sunglasses to minimal jewelry and statement pieces, you’ll want to learn how many ways you can style each in an outfit. Browse through our back to school must-have fashion essentials for stylish goodies you won’t want to miss out on!

Back to School Specs with EyeBuyDirect
By now, you may have heard of EyeBuyDirect through the Instagram grapevine, but if you haven’t yet, we’re happy to let you in on the know. It’s no surprise that we are die-hard fans of this spectacle of a company after featuring them in one of our gift guides last Christmas, so it’s only fitting for us to share their high-quality readers and sunnies for you to have this school year. Learn more about EyeBuyDirect and their tech-savvy products below!
Keep your eyes in check during those never ending hours of being on your laptop—trying to finish a paper last minute or studying night after night to ace that exam—with EyeBuyDirect’s digital protection lenses.
Time spent staring into your digital screens overexposes your eyes to blue-violet, high energy visible (HEV) light, which can cause damage, headaches, eye fatigue and early onset of macular degeneration. Don’t try using this reason as an excuse to not do your homework though! With premium Eyezen technology lenses that excuse won’t save you from any project. EyeBuyDirect’s lenses provides technology that keeps your eyes safe, healthy, fashionable and on point—even if you still have to stay up all night to catch up on the syllabus.
You can learn more about EyeBuyDirect’s digital protection feature here.

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