Myrle Performing for Charity at Special Rock N’ Roll Back Tie Event

Myrle, a rising alternative rock band from Ontario Canada, has just announced the release of its highly anticipated 45 RPM vinyl, titled HiLo, which will be unveiled  at the Rock & Roll Black Tie Affair charity event with all proceeds going Hospice Huntsville.

HUNTSVILLE, Ontario, September 12, 2016 – On the fifteenth of October the Rock & Roll Black Tie Affair will host hundreds of people at the Algonquin Theatre to support a single cause: the Hospice Huntsville. This scenario seems like an odd match, but there is a touching story behind it. This event has been brewing in the mind of Myrle lead singer, Jamie Clarke. His father was nearly homebound and under the palliative care of his family. It was at this moment that Jamie was faced with a tough choice, to leave to Toronto to produce music, further his career, and pursue his passion, or to stay by his father’s bedside. Fortunately his father was understanding and Jamie left for a two-day excursion to create three stunning tracks with engineer Chris Stringer and producer Ron Hawkins.
Upon Jamie’s return home, his father was admitted into hospice care at the Hospice Huntsville. For seventeen days the Clarke’s were helped by the hospice staff in tending to Jamie’s father. The hospice staff was respectful, accommodating, and professional, so Jamie really began to appreciate the work done and witnessed first-hand the care and support that was provided.  After his father passed, Jamie felt he needed to do something more to give back. After some research on the funding of the Hospice Huntsville, which requires over five-hundred thousand dollars in donations per year to stay operating, Jamie decided he wanted to honor his father and give back to Hospice Huntsville by putting on a fundraiser. Thus the Rock & Roll Black Tie Affair was ingeniously created.
To ensure that the most aid possible is given to the Hospice Huntsville, Jamie Clarke plans to put on one hell of a charity event on October 15th, 2016 at the Algonquin Theatre. The silent auction will be held from 6-8 p.m. while the concert will take place from 8-10:30 p.m.  This special charity event will include a silent auction along with food and beverages. In addition to Myrle performing live, Julian Taylor of Staggered Crossing, Toronto’s “Bluebelle” and Indie legend Ron Hawkins will make appearances, ensuring an awesome time supporting a very important cause that will surely make a tangible difference for the Hospice Huntsville.
As any good organizer knows, the atmosphere is equally important. Aside from live music, Highlander Brewery, Peninsula Ridge Wine, and Totem Juice Martinis will provide beverages with all proceeds also going towards the hospice. With such a touching back-story, incredible music, and soothing ambiance, the Rock & Roll Black Tie Affair is bound to be a huge success and forever unite the Hospice Huntsville with Jamie Clarke and his family.  Tickets are $40 and all proceeds are being given directly to Hospice Huntsville. Come out and support Myrle and Huntsville’s first Rock n’ Roll Black Tie event.
About Myrle
Myrle is an acclaimed alternative rock group featuring vocalist Jamie Clarke, bassist Brandon Munday, drummer Micheal Burke, and guitarist Brain Hawley. Myrle has released two full-length albums each of which benefited from a great reception. The type of music included in these pieces is best described as emotional yet thoughtful. Each song conveys its own message on an elusive topic such as love, loss, hope, or wisdom, allowing listeners to grow as people.
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