Back to School Must-Have Fashion Essentials

Fun, Trendy Accessories with ILY Couture
Adding the finishing touch to an outfit is a no-brainer with ILY Couture in the mix. Curated by popular fashion blogger Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion, ILY Couture offers affordable and high-quality items that are a reflection from Christine’s very own to-die-for wardrobe. We know you’ll probably want to purchase everything when checking out the site—and we wouldn’t blame you. Luckily, we’re here to help you keep your wallet in check with our top picks that are definitely up for grabs with any school budget.
Margo Beige Watch
Running late can be a life or death type situation when it comes to classroom etiquette. One strike and you may be out for the rest of the class—hello, strict teachers! Watches can be your best accessory when it comes to getting to class with time to spare, especially if you want to grab coffee prior to a grueling lecture. We recommend a neutral watch to pair perfectly with any outfit, like the Margo Beige Watch from ILY Couture, which features a faux leather band and gold accents.
Chevron Dainty Necklace
Just like with your beauty routine, going all out in the accessory department may not be something you usually do. We’re all about keeping it cool, chic, and collected when it comes to a school day as well. With accessories, it’s either about making a bold statement or going for something more simple for a classic aesthetic. A minimal, dainty necklace like the Chevron Dainty Necklace (we know, such a fitting name!) is the perfect grab-and-go jewelry piece for any fashionista out there.
Stickers Bag
The pins and patches trend is all over the internet at the moment, and with one look at the Stickers Bag by ILY Couture, you’ll know just why we picked it. A statement handbag detailed with graphic “stickers” in cute sayings and colorful shapes is just what anyone needs to add a little spice to the mundane schedule of going from class to class. Plus, you’ll be achieving the go-to trend all with the help of just one accessory! That’s a win-win in our fashion grade books.
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Back to School Must-Have Fashion Essentials: Photographs courtesy of Victoria Olmo

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