A Dress With Finesse: 10 Ways You Can Accessorize Dresses

A Dress With Finesse: 10 Ways You Can Accessorize Dresses

Today we want to share with you 10 ways you can accessorize dresses.  The way that we all dress reflects a part of your personality and fashion sense.  Picking your outfit is not as simple as just grabbing the first shirt you see. Creating your style is a way of expressing yourself.  Of course we all know that first impressions are often formed by the clothing you wear.  So how do you ensure that people will be impressed by your outfit.  Scroll down to learn 10 ways you can accessorize dresses so that you can impress people at any event and feel confident.

10 ways you can accessorize dresses

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1. Add Neutral Accessories to Your Outfit

If you are looking for the ultimate dress accessory, try pairing neutral-colored pieces with your dress.  This works especially well with bright and colorful dresses that need something that isn’t too distracting. Too many colors and patterns within one outfit can be overwhelming and make you look sloppy.  Offsetting your bright dress with a neutral-toned accessory, like a purse or jewelry, can help pull your outfit together.  

2. Accessorize with Bold Pieces

10 ways you can accessorize dresses

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Opposite to the tip above, if you are wearing a neutral tone and want to liven it up, a bright piece can change your entire outfit.  Even if you don’t want to get bright-colored accessories, you can still get large and chunky options. Large jewelry and statement belts can make even the simplest dresses look complex.  Balance is important if you want to wear neutral tones as well. Too many dull colors can make you look washed out. Don’t be afraid to get creative when adding unique pieces to your outfit.

3. Wear Jewelry

If you are wanting to make a bold and elegant statement, jewelry is the perfect addition to any dress.  It is important to consider the cut of the dress. Some dress designs won’t allow you to wear necklaces, in that case, go with bracelets and earrings. If you want to accessorize a prom dress you can wear pearls or a diamond necklace that will shimmer all night long.  Jewelry can help make areas look less bare. Jewelry can pull an outfit together and should match with your overall look.

4. Take a Stand with Statement Shoes

Shoes are one of the best ways to accessorize basic outfits and dresses.  If you are wearing a short, summer dress, it is best to wear a lighter shoe. Sandals and flats are perfect for casual events. Wedged and open-toed heels can make a summer dress look stunning.  Long and elegant dresses should be worn with a simple pair of heels. It is important to find a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear at events. Lower heels tend to be more comfortable and safe.

5. Bring a Bag

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Depending on the event that you are attending, you may need to come with a purse or bag to carry your belongings in.  Those wearing a dress to a formal event should not bring a large purse. Clutches tend to look more elegant and are less distracting. It is normal to bring larger bags or purses when going to casual events.  Don’t be afraid to match your bag with your outfit. This will help pull your entire look together and can even add a special touch.

6. Break It up

Some dresses are easy to get lost in and can affect your overall appearance.  Long and loose dresses can make some people look larger than they are. Accessorizing with a chunky belt can help give you back your beautiful shape to show to the world.  Belts are also a good way to add another color to your dress. Always be sure that the quality and style of your belt to match that of your dress. For example, a rope belt will likely clash with a long silk dress.

7. Layer Your Additions

Layering necklaces and bracelets are a great way to make any dress look unique.  Different length necklaces can be layered on top of each other to give character to a simple dress. If the neckline runs high, you can layer bracelets as well.  Dresses without sleeves can make your arms look bare. Adding bling on your wrists can help make a dress look fancy. Gold and silver bracelets pair well with nicer looking dresses.

8. Think of Your Hair

Although there are many other ways to accessorize a dress, accessorizing your hair can help with your appearance and draw attention to your dress.  There are many hairpieces that you can get to go with your dress. If you are planning to wear pearls, a pearl clip can bring your outfit together from head to toe. Don’t be afraid to get creative when doing your hair.

9. Wear Earrings

Earrings are definitely on our list of 10 ways you can accessorize dresses.  Earrings are a great way to draw attention to your face, even when you have a stunning dress on.  Depending on the style of your dress, bangle, and stud earrings can add a special look to your outfit. If the cut of your dress is low, long earrings help the overall look. Studs are a perfect match for any bright and patterned dress.

10 ways you can accessorize dresses

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10. Silky Scarves

Silky scarves are comforting and beautiful. They add an entirely new look to any outfit and are a simple addition.  If the neckline of your dress is low enough, you can tie a silk scarf around your neck. This is a great way to incorporate different colors into your outfit. You can wear long scarves or shorter ones for a more pulled-together look.

Accessorize for a Statement

If you have a cute dress that is just missing one thing, you may need to accessorize.  Adding a unique accessory to a dull outfit can completely transform your look.  Depending on if you wear more bold or neutral colors, you can accessorize with the opposite.  This helps balance out your outfit and make it visually pleasing. Don’t be afraid to layer jewelry or even wear a silk scarf with your newest dress.  Just be sure that by the time you are done, all pieces add something positive to your look and don’t clash with each other.

We hope you were able to learn more about 10 ways you can accessorize dresses.  Be sure to check out our blog for more articles on fashion trends and ways to express yourself!

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