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Nokshi Crafts Proud to Unveil Their Artisan Hand Painted Silk Scarves

2I was always fascinated by the art of hand painting and handmade goods. As an aspiring entrepreneur I looked for sustainable business models to support the creative fashion industry. At Nokshi Crafts, our scarves are ethically made by artisans from rural parts of Bangladesh, which ensures them sustainable livelihood. Ethical production means our artisans are paid fair wages without being subject to adverse working conditions. I created Nokshi Crafts with a desire to provide opportunities for workers whose voices are unheard and to give them a platform to showcase their talent on a global scale without subjecting them to inhumane working conditions.

Nokshi Crafts is proud to be the first to bring ethically produced hand painted silk scarves in the market. To ensure premium quality, we produce our own silk. Our scarves are made from Rajshahi Silk, a pride of Bangladesh – known for its soft buttery feel and durability.
Initially, our collection will include two product lines. The first one is our hand-dyed batik silk scarf. Batik is the art of hand stamping intricate patterns on a garment using a wax resist. Our batik scarves are hand-dyed using eco-friendly vegetable dyes. 6As a start, we are offering our hand-dyed scarfs in a combination of five different colours and five designs that you can choose from.
The second line is the most exclusive and rare collection on the market. We are super excited to bring our hand-painted silk scarves. We’re very proud to produce the first collection of its kind. Each hand-painted silk scarf is painted by single artists from start to finish, providing a human touch that is exclusive and rare. Our talented artists are able to tell a story through this personal touch.
Each scarf is one of a kind and a true masterpiece and it will really appeal to the modern, working class conscious women, who balance career and family whilst remaining in touch with her individual sense of style. Our light, breathable, buttery soft scarves are perfect for everyday and all-season use, great for travel, light and easy to carry, and versatile for both work or play. Our scarves can even double as a sarong for those laid back lazy days on the beach.
3We have chosen to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to take pre-orders of our scarves and to raise funds for production. Creating sufficient order quantities will allow us to retain a team of skilled and talented artisans who can focus on their task instead of worrying about making ends meet. Through the backer’s commitment, we can ensure that these artisans have steady incomes, which will create incentives for them to be more involved and empowered. And of course, as our mantra goes, we hope to scale up and expand production to steadily create more opportunities to support more artisans.
With a successful campaign, we intend to deliver to our kickstarter backers, but also use kickstarter funds to carry inventory for future orders placed through our website – This will significantly reduce delays caused by weaving, dying, and painting and shipping our products. Our plan is to provide a seamless supply of products, to best meet demands at all times. Therefore, Kickstarter is instrumental to our success.
–Maisha Samiha,
Founder, Nokshi Crafts
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