The True Modern Symbolism Of Weddings and How To Make Sure Yours Stands Out

The True Modern Symbolism Of Weddings and How To Make Sure Yours Stands Out

We all know the true modern symbolism of weddings.  White dresses and gold rings are wedding items that we are very familiar with.  However, as society changes, the older elements of symbolism in a wedding have become less critical. Instead, the wedding itself has become a symbol of the joining of two people. Therefore the way this sets the tone for their new life together has come to the fore. A situation that means nearly every detail of the wedding has importance in its own way. Of course, this is part of the reason why so many couples want to make sure their wedding reflects their personality and likes. It is also why they take such pains to ensure it will stand out in comparison to the others they will attend during their lifetime.  Happily, this is a topic that you can get some thoroughly modern advice on, in the post below. 


The thing about weddings is they aren’t free. Many people spend tens of thousands to create the perfect wedding! You must have a big enough budget to cover all your costs otherwise your wedding might be memorable for the wrong reasons.

Did you know that up to 60% of couples take out a loan to finance their wedding? Of course, it’s also possible to save the money you need for your budget if it’s possible to do so.

Decoration and theme 

One of the best ways of making sure that your wedding will both reflect your personality as a couple and will differ from everyone else’s is to choose a theme. In fact, picking a theme for your entire celebration can be one of the smartest things to do. The reason being that it provides guidance on what to choose in all the other areas of the wedding. 

After all, you can have a very modern high fashion dress at an otherwise vintage style wedding, if you want. However, it’s likely to look a bit out of place. Therefore, making one that fits in with the overall theme a much better choice. 

Of course, another distinct advantage to having a theme at your wedding is that you can use this to inspire all of the decorations you will use. In fact, it is often the smaller details like the decorations that can best set apart your special day from the crowd. Something that means selecting them, and in some cases, making them is an essential aspect of planning your nuptials. 


A white dress used to be the modern symbolism of weddings, but this is certainly no longer the case. In fact, all colors are now en-vogue. With choices ranging from ivory to wisteria blue and pale pink, to even black or red. If that is what the bride desires?

Of course, there are a few things to remember when choosing your perfect dress. One is that it’s not just about standing out and being different from everyone else, but it’s also about finding something that you love the style and fit of as well. In fact, the way that your dress makes you feel is as vital as any other factor. 

That is not to say that you have to wear a dress if you don’t want to. In fact, there are a range of other options to choose from, including skirt and crop tops and even catsuits! These being excellent choices for the bride that really wants to stand out from the crowd. 

While it is traditional to give more focus to what the bride is wearing than the groom, the guys definitely shouldn’t neglect the importance of what they wear on the day either. After all, a modern wedding should be as meaningful to the groom, as it is to the bride. With that in mind, it’s pretty crucial that the groom has some control of what he gets to wear, and that he also picks something that he is comfortable with in terms of style and fit. 

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In fact, because of these very justifications, many grooms use the opportunity of their wedding to have a suit custom made for them. Something that means they can choose the fabric, patterns, and fit, so it is personal to their own taste. Oh, and that will also make sure that it is different from anything worn at a typical wedding ceremony as well.  


Another traditional symbol of marriage that you will want to get right for your day are the wedding rings. Of course, you can give these the thoroughly modern treatment, too, meaning that you certainly do not have to go for simple gold bands if you don’t want. 

In fact, there is a vast range of wedding rings that you can exchange on your special day now. Some of which can help to make your day stand out from the norm. One such option may be platinum rings with diamonds around the band. Something you can then have engraved with a message of love and fidelity on the inside. 

Alternatively, why not go for something even more individual, or even kookie? I’m talking about the OOAK rings here that you can get from craft sites such as Etsy. A place where you can find rings made from hand-beaten gold to ones crafted from resin that appear to have entire magical landscapes captured within. 


Just like your theme and decor, the venue that you choose can really help to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. In fact, if you are looking for something a little different from the norm, avoid hotel weddings and receptions at all costs. Estates and Manor houses should be out to, and instead, start to think outside of the box

What I mean here is hire a yurt and throw a festival style wedding on a farm, perfect for a couple that loves to camp or go to gigs. You can even have fire pits to keep guests warm and customize your day further by providing Wellington boots and hay bales for them to sit on!

Alternatively, consider where you met or your favorite location to visit as a couple for your venue. In fact, you may be incredibly surprised by the range of less-pedestrian venues that are out there. Planetariums, botanical greenhouses, and barges, to name but a few. 


You may not plan on giving a lot of thought to the stationery you will use for your wedding. In fact, traditionally, it’s been about expensive paper, envelopes, and hand calligraphy. However, what it is important to remember is that the save the date and invites that you send are the first element of your special day that your guests will be exposed to. Something that means they are an essential part of setting the overall tone and the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

With that in mind, try and think a little creatively about the stationery you will use. That is instead of choosing ornately printed cards to let your guest know when the wedding will be, why not go for save the date magnets instead? Something that is not only fun but practical, too, as it can be fixed to a refrigerator or notice board as a reminder. 

You can also use your own photos, perhaps from your engagement shoot, to make it extra personal and unique. You can even choose the fonts, so they match with the other stationery you will use later on if you like. Now you can’t get much more customized than that! 

Additionally, while no one likes to postpone or change wedding dates, it does happen. Consider these elegant wedding date change cards.  In the event you need to change the date of your wedding, these cards will make the process less stressful.


Food is a great way to inject some fun, originality, and personality into your wedding proceedings. With that in mind, be sure that you pick a dish that you both love for your wedding breakfast.Some couples do this by picking food in line with their theme. A great example of this being the afternoon tea for a vintage style wedding. Although, you can also add in some elements personalized to the culture in which you grew up or now live. With dishes like English fish and chips or pie and mash, or traditional Indian finger foods for the cocktail hour.


Just like your edible choices can help your wedding to stand out, so can what you offer your guests to drink. In fact, a thoroughly modern trend at the moment is to have a signature cocktail mixed for your wedding. This being something that will wow your guests. While later, you can mix again after the event to remember the proceedings too. 

Of course, not everyone will want to knock back an alcoholic cocktail, so be sure to include other drinks as well. Happily, you can personalize these to make sure they stand out from the crowd. With things like virgin cocktails for drivers, pregnant ladies and kids, and even your own wedding brew of cider or ale for the grownups. 


Above all other options, the entertainment you provide can make your wedding stand out the most. In fact, wedding entertainment is a fantastic way of introducing some memorable drama to your big day in the best way. Of course, that means the more traditional things like discos and DJs are out. Instead, why not go a little wild with some fun and unexpected entertainment instead? 

One way of doing this, in particular, is to hire singing waitstaff, that then surprise your guests and even your other half with an impromptu serenade. Alternatively, why not go for something even more outside of the box and employ medieval musicians and performers to entertain you guests? Something that will also help contribute to the overall ambiance of the day. Oh, and without a doubt, will make your wedding stand out from the traditional generic (and often boring) offerings. 

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