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18 Influential Celebrity Makeup Artists on Instagram

celebrity makeup artists on Instagram

Today we want to share 18 influential celebrity makeup artists on Instagram. Instagram is home to many trends and influencers. The platform has become a who’s who of talent, and the celebrity makeup industry is no exception to this.

There are many makeup artists out there teaching hundreds of thousands of fans how to look like celebs and how to find the perfect foundation. But which ones are the most popular? To try and find that out, we took a look at all the major celebrity makeup artists, and created a list of the 18 most popular.

  1. Gucci Westman

With 146,000 followers, this artist focuses on the “girl next door” stereotype. She’s done makeup for Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and her Instagram is a treat to visit.

2. Mario Dedivanovic

Mario Dedivanovic is the man who made contouring a viral sensation. As the makeup artist for the Kardashians, he has 6.3m followers on the platform.

3. Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath deals primarily in out-of-the-box fashion, so anyone could copy her styles. She also likes to play with bold colour too, making a statement. She also has a respectable 2.6m followers.

4. Mary Greenwell

Mary Greenwell is a true veteran of the industry. She has worked with the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Cate Blanchett, and even Princess Diana. Her account has 96.4K followers.

5. Matthew VanLeeuwen

Ellen Pompeo, Rebel Wilson and Salma Hayek are all names that this talented man is regularly connected with. With 47.5k followers on the site, he is one of the up and coming artists.

6. Allan Avendano

With 246k followers, this talented chap has some of the hottest names in Hollywood regularly on his page, and that’s worth a follow for the sheer star power.

7. Sir John

Our next artist needs no real introduction. You might have heard of his client – Beyoncé? Somehow, despite this, he’s only got 350k followers. Go figure.

8. Lisa Eldridge

With 1M followers to her name, Lisa Eldridge provides an all-access pass to the behind the scenes of makeup, and talks about her working relationships with people like Kiera Knightley.

9. Hannah Murray

Hannah has accumulated well over 30k followers thanks to work which has appeared in Vogue Magazine and features a surprisingly youthful edge.

10. Sarah Tanno

This makeup artist works closely with Lady Gaga, and promises a lot of unique looks behind-the-scenes. She’s more than earned her 225K follower count.

11. Violette

Violette specializes in French makeup, which means that if you’re looking to get the best scenes from France, you’ve come to the right place. Her 316k followers would probably agree.

12. Hung Vanngo

Number 12 on the list has 1.3m followers. Why? Well, she caters to Hollywood A-list talent like Julianne Moore and Rose Byrne. That’s reason enough to give a follow.

13. Patrick Ta

If you want to know what the LA scene is doing, you come here to Patrick’s profile. That’s what 1.4m people are doing, and they can’t all be wrong, right?

14. Mylah Morales

This talented artist is the makeup maestro for Rihanna. That should probably give you an idea of the skill we’re dealing with here. That same prowess has gained nearly 71k devoted fans.

15. Kate Lee

Kate Lee was born in Yorkshire, but traded in the UK for LA to be the makeup artist for Kristen Stewart and Emilia Clarke, among others. She’s also got 100k followers on Instagram.

16. Vincent Oquendo

Some of the best makeup skills in the industry have earned this man the right to work with the best and brightest. They also helped to give him a very tidy 111k followers on Instagram.

17. Pati Dubroff

Our next pick is a makeup artist who regularly switches between working with high profile celebs to working on movies. Her work has afforded her a lot of success, as well as 192k followers on Instagram.

18. Charlotte Tilbury

Last, but by no means least on our list is Charlotte Tilbury. She has 2.7m followers on Instagram. A big claim to fame that she also has is being the makeup artist for Kate Moss. That’s a prestige that many aspire to.

Final Thoughts

So, all of these makeup artists are at the top of their game. They all work for some of the best and brightest that exist out there in the celeb world. Makeup really is such a precise art, and it encourages people to experiment and get creative.

Whether it is a signature style, a common celeb client, or a combination of the two, these are all high profile artists. Their work has undoubtedly shaped the careers of many people, and it’s not difficult to see how they’ve gained the reputation that they deserve.

But more than that, they also remind us that we can aim for our own lofty goals as well. With enough practice, talent and commitment, anyone can be a makeup artist. Anyone can work with the high profile celebs.

Their Instagram accounts provide a backstage pass, letting us see exactly what kind of process goes into making famous celebrities look as good as they do. It’s always fun to see, because it does help aspiring young professionals to learn more about the craft.

Seeing these artists at work is always fun, and they will no doubt continue to deliver incredible demonstrations of talent, as well as accumulate even more followers. Instagram has almost limitless potential in this regard, so it’s nice to see.

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