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What Questions You Can Expect on a US Citizenship Test?

U.S. Citizenship test

Here are some questions you can expect on a U.S. Citizenship test. The US has significant appeal to would-be migrants around the globe. A home in the states could be your ticket to Hollywood stardom or, depending on your aims, might put you closer to family and friends you have in the country. Whatever you goal, you’ll have to contend with what can be a fairly protracted immigration process.

Among the more notorious and intimidating components of the immigration process, is the written citizenship test. To pass, you’ll need to demonstrate knowledge of the country you’re trying to enter in order to satisfy the authorities that you’re going to be a productive member of the society.

So, what’s included in the test?

General American History

U.S. Citizenship test

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To understand why America is the way that it is today, you need to understand American history. This means answering basic questions like explaining why the colonists first came to America, as well as being able to recall a few important dates like that of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, and of the Constitution.

Government Jargon

At the outset, it can appear that the way that the US government is set up is hideously complicated. There are three branches of government to worry about, and a whole lot of procedure. You’ll need to know about the role of the judicial branch, the makeup of the cabinet, and the duties of the federal government versus those of the individual states.

American Geography

You should memorize the states that border Canada, and the states that border Mexico. You should know a few of the original thirteen states. You won’t be asked for all of them, but knowing the country and where everything is will be helpful.

American Rights

One of the things that distinguishes America from just about every other country is the number of rights that citizens are afforded. Most of these protections came about thanks to the Bill of Rights, which includes the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Being aware of all of these documents and their contents is absolutely critical.

U.S. Citizenship test

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What if I need help?

If you have access to an experienced immigration lawyer, you’ll be guided through the process of immigration, and be provided with a whole range of resources on the country and how to get into it. There are also a whole range of resources available online concerning the test, and America in general. These include apps which will give you a way of delving into the topic in short spells. It’s generally better to know more than you strictly need to than to go in feeling uncertain.

To pass the test, you will need to score 60% or above, so it’s important that, in order to achieve your dreams of living in the US, you’ll need to make all the necessary legal precautions, as well as brushing up on your revision. Once you’ve jumped through those hoops, you can celebrate the official start to your new life. Good luck!

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