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Clinique’s Even Better Foundation Goes Beyond Just Makeup


Published 10 hours ago

Clinique has become a brand synonymous with top-notch skincare and makeup offerings. Now their latest foundation, the Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 25, is merging the two categories seamlessly. The first clinical foundation formula for the beauty favorite, the 42-shade range collection is scientifically proven to improve the appearance of bare skin while also offering a moderate to full-coverage finish.

“It’s about wearing the right kind of makeup,” Dr. Michelle Henry, board-certified dermatologist, tells about optimizing skin health. “So of course, if you’re using something that has lots of oils, it’s more inclined to clog your pores, and if it doesn’t have ingredients that are made to protect or care for your skin, it can do more harm than good.”

That’s why she’s such an advocate for the new Even Better formula. “It was really created with skincare in mind and with ingredients that will actually improve the skin,” Dr. Henry shares. “I often call it the ‘last step in skincare’ because it’s packed with clinical ingredients but also offers such great foundation coverage.” She attributes that to Clinique’s own three serum technology, a potent blend of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid. “If you look at those ingredients, those are the always ingredients we bring up when we’re discussing how to treat the most prevalent skin concerns,” Dr. Henry says. “After about 12 weeks of using it, over 70 percent of the patients that tried the foundation noticed that their skin looked more radiant, and over 60 percent noticed that their skin tone appeared more even.”

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Another important ingredient included in the oil-free,

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