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5 Tips to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

rogue online casinos

Today we want share 5 tips to avoid rogue online casinos.  There is a bad side to every industry. It’s as if someone wants to get your money illegally, wherever you go.  In fact, you will find cheaters in every industry. But the risk of becoming a victim of online scams is even higher. This is because it’s harder to know the person behind the scam, or even to determine if someone wants to trick you.

rogue online casinos

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Many people have argued that the online casino industry is awash with scammers. However, this is not completely true. There are many legit casinos online where you can play for fun or real money. But, this doesn’t mean that the online gambling industry does not have scandals. As a player, it’s your responsibility to do due diligence and identify a safe online casino. Here are tips to help you avoid rogue online casinos.

Research Extensively

rogue online casinos

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This may seem obvious to some people. However, before you register an account, make a deposit and start playing, you should do extensive casino research. For example, you should read several reviews of the casino and check its reputation by reading the comments on the player forums.

What’s more, check the casino operators’ credentials or the company that runs the gaming website. Make sure that online casino games are licensed by a reputable authority in the gaming industry. Check for approval from the industry watchdogs and auditors like TNT and eCOGRA. Such badges should lead you to the official site of the company. Ideally, ensure that the casino you choose is licensed and registered by a reputable licensing authority.

Avoid Blacklisted Casinos

Check the top review websites and player forums to see if you can find the casino where you want to register among the blacklisted ones. Some of the reasons why a casino can be blacklisted include:

  • Consistent customer complaints
  • Suspicious software
  • Bad customer handling and support
  • Rogue employees
  • Missing or poor payment history

Be careful if a casino is listed among those blacklisted at a reputable review website. If you also notice many complaints about a casino from players online, look for another one.

Check Casino Features

rogue online casinos

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A reputable casino will always list its features and services. For instance, you can easily find the contact details of a casino and the helpline number. If a casino offers a bonus, tournaments, or promotions, you will easily find them on a reputable casino site.

Avoid a casino if it offers you cheats and tricks for winning the available games. Why would you trust somebody who wants to help you beat a game at a casino? Such a casino is most likely a scam, and you should avoid it.

Personal Information Protection

You want to be assured of the safety of your information when gambling at a casino. Avoid a casino that asks you to provide sensitive data like details of your bank account, as well as, the pin of your debit or credit card. Additionally, be wary of a casino that sends you fraudulent follow-up emails asking you to provide such details.

If a casino sends you a follow-email with links, don’t follow them because they can lead you to malware websites. Open a casino site directly from your browser instead of copy-pasting because you can paste a fraudulent redirect URL to your web browser.

Check Terms and Conditions

Check the terms and conditions of a casino as well as its promotional offers. A legit casino makes all rules clear before you start playing. This is particularly important for casino bonuses.

Some of the things that an honest casino makes clear include:

  • Maximum bet
  • Bonus wagering requirements
  • Maximum payout
  • Restricted countries

Check if a casino is open about such terms and conditions before you start playing.

The Bottom Line

Some online casinos rip off their players in some ways. However, you can avoid being scammed by trying these tips. Always avoid a casino if you’re suspicious about it or proceed cautiously.

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