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The Perfect Dress Code for a Night at the Casino

dress code for a night at the casino

Although many people play at an online casino there are still many that love going out with a significant other or with a group of friends and what to know what the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is.  The truth is that for many of these people it will be their first visit and are unaware of what to wear.

Perfect Dress Code for a Night at the Casino

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Knowing the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is super important. Equally important is one who really looks the part in much the same way as if you were attending an important race meeting like the Gold Cup or Aintree.

There is still a layer of protocol and etiquette that defines the land-based casino, and this stems from when casinos were the playground of only the ‘elite’ when there were many rules both written and unwritten that defined how one was to act and dress whilst in the establishment.

Today, casinos are far more accessible to the general population both in the UK and around the world with the UK alone being home to over 100 land-based casinos with the largest numbers found in the major cities like Birmingham, Edinburgh and London.

So, what do you need to wear that will help you blend into the casino environment?

For ladies the majority of the casino dress code has become more relaxed through the years as the casinos changed and you are, in essence, free to dress as you like within reason. Ladies will not be judged by other casino goers, especially if they dress as if they are going to a high-end bar or restaurant. Some casinos do expect smart dress, especially if they are a high-end establishment in the city.

Night time visits to a casino often inspire people to get into the spirit of things and that includes dressing the part. Most casinos will accept you inside the establishment if you are dressed fairly smartly (no sportswear or leggings).

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Earth tones complemented with a subtle glamour of earrings, a clutch bag and heels is one tried and tested look as is a kimono complemented with earrings, sparkly shoes, great makeup and a silver clutch.

Both the above looks are classic garment and you can’t really go wrong with those outfits that you can bring out of the wardrobe for almost any occasion.

men playing poker photo

Photo by Adriano Agulló

Men have less options than women to choose from which can be a blessing, and typically smart, casual wear is enough to allow them entry into most casinos, but if there is a need to buy a ‘casino suit’ then taking a look at some of the latest movies that feature casinos will offer some great ideas.

Generally, men already know what the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is.  If men follow the same advice as women it actually all boils down to making an effort to look smart. Even smart jeans with a long sleeve shirt unbuttoned at the top with great shoes or boots will see most men through most of the time, and if a higher classed establishment is being visited then a nice suit possibly with a tie will suffice.

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