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Cover Story: Interview with Vanessa Marano

_MG_9962doneBay is definitely a smart and passionate young woman, but she’s also very headstrong, opinionated, and even a little wild. Do you identify with your character on a personal level?
Bay and I aren’t very similar. The girl never thinks before she speaks. That being said, it’s kind of what I love about her. She’s honest about her feelings. What you see is what you get. The best thing about Bay is how she is constantly growing as person. As different as we are, I think we can all relate to not being perfect.
Can you relate to her passion for art?
I love to draw, but I’m nowhere near as talented as she is.
Bay’s love interests literally change with the seasons. How do you handle the whirlwind of playing opposite so many hunks?
It’s tough work, but somebody’s got to do it.
We’re big fans of Ty here at Cliché! Who do you think is Bay’s best match?
I loved Bay and Ty. I was glad their story continued beyond the first season. Bay’s been able to learn and grow through every relationship, which is great. I feel like her love issues stem from Bay investing too much in the guys. She goes from boy to boy without a break. I would love to see her single and truly gain confidence from just being herself.
How would you react if you learned that you were actually switched at birth?
My family and I are so similar, the thought of not being related to them weirds me out.  Specifically when it comes to my sister Laura; if we didn’t share the same DNA, my mind would be blown. We sound and look so much alike. I’m very close with my parents and my sister is best friend. So, even if I was switched at birth, I pretty sure my relationship with all of them wouldn’t be altered.
If you never became an actress, what would you be doing instead?
I used to pretend to be a lawyer as a child.  I drew up fake contracts and everything.

Feb/Mar Cover Story: Interview with Vanessa Marano was originally published in the Feb/Mar 2014 issue of Cliché Magazine
Photographed by Quavondo, Make-up and Hair: Lysette Castellanos, Stylist: Laura Kiechle

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