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Alanna Ubach Makes Waves in “Bombshell”

Alanna Ubach  has been racking up some of the most enviable credits in the industry for over two decades. Now, she’s making a splash playing Jeanine Pirro in the hotly anticipated film Bombshell, which gives an inside look at the sexual harassment allegations brought against Roger Ailes by Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson – and the resulting controversy that shook Fox News to its core. Catch Bombshell in theaters Dec. 20th! Also be on the lookout for her new show, Filthy Rich, airing on Fox this spring.
Cliché: In the span of your entire career, what was your favorite set that you worked on? 
Alanna Ubach: My fave set would have to be Meet the Fockers. I tackled 7 bucket list wishes! There’s a reason why Stiller and DeNiro and Streisand and Hoffman are living legends. They’re absolutely fearless. 
Who was your favorite actor to work with? 
Danny De Vito. I played his daughter in Renaissance Man and years later, I was lucky to play his fiancé crack whore on Sunny. There’s a lot of chemistry there! Lol! 
What advice would you give your 18-year-old self? 
Talk about your new movie, Bombshell
I play Jeanine Pirro, the well known Fox News personality and former judge. Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson decide to bring the predatory Roger Ailes to justice. Pirro comes to Roger Ailes’ defense. She’s technically a villain. 
Have you ever experienced sexism or harassment in working environments? How did you deal with it? 
There were a few directors and actors that I was terrified of. How they got away with the things they said and did is beyond me. I was too young and afraid to stand up for myself. Nowadays, I’m more assertive and confidant in the workplace. 
How much did you know about Fox News prior to taking the role? 
Not much! Thank god for YouTube! 
How did you prepare yourself to play Jeanine Pirro?
She was so much fun to study. There’s such an intelligence and glamorous stoicism to her representative, but behind the curtain, she’s driven and strong and very sharp. I had to find both sides to Pirro! 
Both Fox News and Jeanine can be polarizing topics.  Did you hesitate to take on such a politicized role, or were you excited? 
There’s nothing more fulfilling than playing someone whose thoughts and opinions are different from yours. 
What overall lesson did you learn from making the film? 
It’s amazing what prosthetics and colored contacts can do.
What message do you hope the audience will take away? 
Trust your instincts. They’re always correct.
Any plans or projects for 2020 that you’re particularly looking forward to? 
Yes! There’s a great new show coming out on Fox called Filthy Rich, created by Tate Taylor and starring Kim Katrall. I play a wild hustler and I’m having a blast! Tune in this coming March I believe! It’s FANTASTIC!
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Alanna Ubach Makes Waves in “Bombshell.” Photo Credit: Glen Wexler.