The Good Youth: Album Review

The Good Youth: Album Review

English rock band Blitz Kids recently released their album The Good Youth this past January. This was the first time I had heard an English rock band since the last time I put on The Who, and this is the album that got me hooked on Blitz Kids’ music. As a Cliché writer, I figured it would be a good idea to get a sampling of sound despite my picky ear, and The Good Youth did not disappoint. I was really surprised and pleased at the same time, and I was actually sad that the album ended when it did. There are three key elements to the album that makes it so enjoyable.

The first is the singing and drumming. Joe James’ powerful lead vocals carry the emotion and momentum of every song. Depending on the track, he can make you rock out, cry, or even laugh. Coupled with his lead vocal performance are the backup vocals of Jono Yates and Nic Montgomery. Even it’s just the “whoa-oh-ah”’ you hear in the background, their vocals give each song a unique character. Finally, there’s Matt Freer on drums. His ability to “move” the song from refrain to verse and back again—not to mention capturing the “motion” of a track—is perfect.

The second element are those tracks that really shine. Everyone’s musical tastes differ, but I tend to like inspirational songs. The Good Youth does not fail to deliver on this. “Sometimes” is about not taking life for granted and making the most of it. “Keep Swinging” is about not giving up and understanding that disappointments are a part of life. Finally, “The Sound of a Lost Generation” says that this generation needs an inspiration and someone to look up to.

The final factor is the “emotional” tracks. For instance, “Perfect” is about someone resisting taking his own life. “Title Fight,” on the other hand, is about an impending, inescapable failure and not being able to do a thing about it.

Overall, The Good Youth is an album that you simply must listen to. I’d recommend it if you want to rock out, be inspired, or even cry a little! BY GREGORY TRUTNER


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