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When we say musician Dalal is good at almost everything, we mean it. This multi-talented entertainer is not only a violinist, singer/songwriter, actress, and model, but also a seasoned Visual Effects Editor, having recently worked with producer Guy Boudreaux on the new documentary Hair. Now, after the premiere of her single “Suddenly” and her new music video for “Superman,” it’s no secret that 2015 has been off to quite a great start. We chatted with this Austrian artist about her impressive list of passions and her pending debut album.

Dalal-photo3Cliché: Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?
Dalal: I always wanted to be surrounded by music. There was a moment when I wanted to be an astronaut, which lasted about one year! I love astronomy, but then it was back to music.

What drew you to study acting at the Broadway Connection Performing Arts Academy in Vienna, and what do you love most about the stage?
There’s something incredibly cathartic about acting, delving into various territories of your psyche, shedding your persona, and living vicariously through someone else for a moment. Also, it’s a lot of fun! I started acting in commercials and TV shows when I was little, but then really discovered my love for musical theater. What I loved about performing in musicals is the kind of friendship and camaraderie that develops with a well-formed cast. It’s fun performing with each other and entertaining the audience together. I used to play violin in orchestras and it gave me a similar feeling of being part of something wonderful.

When did you start becoming passionate about singing?
I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment it happened; I just remember I was singing all the time. I loved it. I still love it.

I hear you’re working on a debut full-length album! Could you tell us a little about that?
Yes, I like to call it my attempt at musical impressionism. It’s romantic, dreamy, has tribal elements, orchestral elements… it features all kinds of exotic instruments, [even] a gospel choir, and has elements of dance music, pop music, electronica, and soundtracks.

What is your songwriting process?
It varies. Sometimes I start writing on the piano, sometimes we sit in the studio and start with the instruments, a couple chords, or a beat. Sometimes I have colors and pictures in my head and I write to that. Very rarely do I start with a lyrical idea. I just feel like sometimes the melody chooses its words.

You also have a visionary eye for Visual Effects and studied it at the SAE College. What drew you to this particular field, seeing as it’s quite different from acting and singing?
I love VFX and editing. It has all to do with creating a story. I love editing becomes it gives the story a certain rhythm and the effects give everything a certain momentum, depending, of course, on what effects we are talking about! I was always very intrigued with what happens behind the scenes.

Tell us about your involvement in the new documentary Hair.
I was approached to write a song for the documentary Hair and the song ended up being nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award. The producers then asked me to come on board to edit various scenes. I ended up editing the whole documentary with the producer Guy Boudreaux. I love how it all worked out!

What are your plans for 2015 that your fans can look forward to?
Definitely finishing up my album! I have various performances on the West Coast that will be announced on my social media and website. I also just started working on a full film score for an upcoming indie film and I’m looking into various acting projects at the moment!

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Dalal Interview: Photographed by ©Hamid Moslehi

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