Why Ant-Man Matters

With a number of white male heroes gracing the screen, many have asked why Ant-Man matters enough to give him his own movie. Black Widow isn’t getting a film, and the Black Panther movie has been pushed back (due to the Spider-Man/Sony deal). I mean Ant-Man isn’t going to be the creator of Ultron, an origin story generally accepted among all comic book fans. So, why should he have his own film?  Well, there are three very good reasons for adding Ant-Man to the mix.
54a1a5337532e1. Ant-man would be a great addition to the Avengers team if one of the original members dies or leaves during The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The two men that don the Ant-Man costume, Hank Pym (the creator of the suit) and Scott Lang (who took up the title after Hank), are both smart individuals. Hank is nearly as smart as Tony Stark, while Scott is intelligent enough to work for Tony in the comics and to help install the security system that protects the Avengers Mansion. Ant-Man has always ended up joining the team at some point, which usually happens in the comics, TV series, or animated films. Adding Hank and Scott to the universe will expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), not everything could be created by Stark, nor be solved by his quick thinking — if all the stories ended like that, what would be the point of watching? Adding a few more guys that could create epic monsters while trying to help makes the world feel a bit more realistic.
2. The second reason the Ant-Man film is important is that it will be the first time the title of a superhero is passed down; Hank Pym will be the creator of the Ant-Man suit, but he will not be the center of the film, Scott Lang will. Hank would have already worn the suit and given up being a hero before passing it on to Scott. The movie will be adding to the rich history that has been shaped by the Captain America movies. Until Ant-Man, most the main history of that world has been explored through Captain America as he deals with living in a time period, or world if you will. In fact, all of the major life-changing events in the Marvel movie series have happened in Captain America. We found out about the first infinity stones, the start (and end) of S.H.I.E.L.D was stated, and Age of Ultron will have roots based on the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Ant-Man will give us the ability to further explore the world as Cap had been doing.
3. Lastly, we will likely see a new addition to the short list of heroines in the MCU. Where there is an Ant-Man, a Wasp is sure to follow. Hank Pym created the Wasp suit for his girlfriend, and in the film, it will be his wife. It is highly likely that his daughter Hope, played by Evangeline Lily in the film, will wear the Wasp uniform just as her mother did before her. As Hope’s parents were both superheroes, we will get to see the messier side of trying to be a hero while having a normal life. And that is why Ant-Man matters.
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