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Couples That Are Built to Break

Every couple has their “dirty laundry,” but it’s not always aired for the world to see. Celebrities arguably have it the hardest, with their trials and tribulations always up for display. Jay-Z and Beyonce constantly have family issues. Justin and Selena continue to make headlines with their on-again, off-again romance. Still, we’ve decided that there are three celebrity couples that are truly destined for Splitsville. Here are some couples that are built to break:

justin-theroux-300Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston – They’re engaged. The engagement is postponed. Justin’s calling it quits. Jen can’t have a baby. Jen is three months pregnant. Jen is adopting a baby behind Justin’s back. These two can’t seem to stay out of the papers and as we all know, that alone has the potential to destroy a relationship. While we can’t always trust the tabloids, there’s got to be some truth among all these insane rumors. Our bet? There’s trouble in paradise. We just haven’t gotten to the root of it yet.

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara – Okay, maybe this is just wishful thinking because Joe is simply the manliest man on the planet (sorry Sofia). Seriously though, it seems a little too superficial for our tastes. In an interview with People Magazine, Joe described Sofia as his ideal woman because of her “butt … curves … beautiful face and beautiful hair.” We’re sure he just “forgot” about her winning personality. Just a few short weeks later, they began dating. Coincidence? We think not. Both parties are very much into their physical appearances, and Sofia was certainly flattered by his very public attempts to woo her. Still, like any other relationship that’s based on looks alone, the fire will eventually burn out. Perhaps Sofia’s rumored attachment to her ex might speed up the process.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – So everyone talks about baby North’s consistently adorable “angry face,” but has anyone checked Kim out lately? The girl looks like she’s constantly in pain, particularly around her beau. It came as no surprise when it was revealed how controlling her husband is. Everything from her wardrobe to her clique have to get the “OK” from Kanye. Despite their beautiful baby and their insanely successful careers, this union doesn’t stand a chance in the long run.

While we certainly wish that everyone has someone to snuggle with during the upcoming holidays and beyond, these couples just don’t have staying power. So when the entertainment headlines begin reading “It’s Over,” don’t forget who told you so!

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