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Cover Story: Interview with Ksenia Solo

Ksenia Solo is not new to the world of monsters and the strange, which may be why she does an outstanding job playing Kenzi on the hit SyFy series Lost Girl. As season four hits screens everywhere and shocks viewers with new twists and turns, Solo takes the time to sit down with Cliché and give us a little insight to the woman behind Kenzi and how she views her role in one of television’s finest shows.
Cliché: When did you know acting was what you wanted to do?
Ksenia Solo: I think in the womb.  You know there was a never a specific moment when I made a conscious decision.  I think what affected me the most was being born into a family of artists.  I spent the first half of my childhood, (the part that really shapes who you are when you’re older,) watching my mom and aunt on stage.  I really feel I grew up in the theater.  I would sit on this little baby highchair in the wings imitating what I was seeing on stage.  Apparently, I was really annoying and kept interrupting rehearsals, but as they say, the rest is history.
You have done a lot of fantasy and mystery series, or films. What is it about these genres that draw you in?
I think I’ve always been fascinated by what is “not normal” in every area of life.  I feel these genres really let you explore roles and characters that are outside the norm, so to speak.  I really love playing complex characters because they challenge me as an artist. That is why fantasy has always fascinated me because there are no limits to where you can go and what you can play and experience. I think there is a big value in being able to take people outside their everyday lives and transport them into this mysterious, dark, beautiful world that’s different and not within reach.
What have been some of your favorite scenes to shoot?
I get asked this question a lot. “What are my favorite scenes?” “What are some of my favorite Kenzi one liners?” It’s all such a mish-mash in my head because it has been so many years, but I think the scenes that stand out the most are in the episode where I was introduced to tango.  I liked being able to share that experience with my co-stars. Other standout scenes were in the past episode where we switched bodies and characters. I got to play a very old wolf/man.  It was very tough, but very interesting.
I also like all the stunt work Kenzi has, and any time that she goes undercover, she gets to wear different disguises and do different accents. It’s a lot of fun playing her.  I get to go to work every day and have fun. It’s a joy.

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