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Selena Gomez’s Anti-Beiber Mansion

Selena Gomez is now a new home owner and she couldn’t be happier. Real estate sources say that she didn’t have many demands while shopping for her new crib, but she insisted that the home could not be in the Oaks, which just so happens to be Justin Beiber’s old neighborhood. Selena Gomez’s anti-beiber mansion is 7,200 sq. ft, contains 5 bedrooms, and is located minutes away from the Kardashian empire in Hidden Hills. This beautiful home cost Selena roughly 3 million dollars.

It’s great that Selena was able to splurge on a home for herself, but the whole anti-beiber business seems a bit immature to me. Why would Selena go to such lengths if she was completely over the blonde haired heart throb? It just makes me think that she is actually missing her baby, baby, baby after all.

Featured Image courtesy of (TMZ)

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