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Jiayi Sun, The Hollywood Dream Chaser With Unstoppable Ambition

Jiayi Sun

Filming has been known as a mysterious and challenging industry which attracts many young people to devote their early adulthood’s into pursuing their dreams in this field. Like many one of them, Jiayi Sun, a Chinese talented young cinematographer, came to the United States to fulfill his ambition and started his career journey on this amazing land.

Jiayi SunAfter graduating from high school in Maine, Jiayi faced one of the biggest decisions in life as many other people, choosing the major. Growing up surrounded by close relatives who are all artists in the whole family, Jiayi decided to sign up for the film major at Temple University and then a Cinematography graduate degree at New York Film Academy. College life wasn’t always going well for Jiayi because of the barrier between Western and Eastern culture, English as his second language, and all the other heavy study duties. However, he never gave up and made it to the graduation with more than six remarkable movie projects. What’s more amazing is that he successfully entered HBO and became one of the team’s Production Assistants.

One of his works that really stood out and became his signature movie project is Crafter. It depicts a story between sisters, love and trust. Laura is the most powerful drug dealer in the area; she is known as cold-blood in the drug business but she loves her sister Kylie so much. When Laura knows Kylie puts herself into a financial crisis, she doesn’t care what will cost her to help her little sister. She also encourages Kylie to start her own business but not to become a drug dealer because she doesn’t want to put Kylie into any risks she has experienced. The story itself is not complicated, but it was a remarkable project for Jiayi. He learned many other things besides professional techniques, like how to solve the different conflicts with teammates in this project. He said that the most difficult part was to control the budget and meet the project deadline. “You need to keep doing what you think is right, no matter how difficult it is. You should never give up.” Jiayi said.

Jiayi SunJiayi knows there’s a long road ahead of him. The working experience at HBO was a sparkling moment in his life but it also made him realize that he should never stop challenging himself and learn more about shooting skills. Choosing to devote his life in the filming industry was definitely the most difficult decision in his entire life, but he’s glad he made it and has gone this far, and he’ll never stop his passion for filmmaking.

For next year, Jiayi has four movie projects to shoot on. He said he would apply for jobs in Hollywood after he graduates from New York Film Academy. “ I want to achieve my initial goal; it was the incentive I came to America. I know I will succeed.”  the young man said these words with a big smile.

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