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Cliché Magazine ( is welcoming new writing and editing interns to join our team and contribute to our bimonthly issues and blog! If you love to write about topics related to popular culture, are interested in journalism, or if you are simply trying to break into the magazine industry, then an internship at Cliché is just right for you!
Since all interns will be working from home, you must have frequent Internet access to apply. A great social media presence is a plus, so feel free to send along links to your blogs or Twitter accounts so we can get to know you better!
Positions and Requirements
Writers/bloggers must:
1) Be able to contribute at least two articles of at least 450 words each per month, as well as occasional blog posts
2) Be willing to accept assigned topics on occasion and conduct celebrity interviews via e-mail or telephone
3) Be able to follow strict deadlines
4) Be able to keep in frequent contact with editor in chief, copy editors, and department directors
Editors must:
1) Have taken (or will be taking) a Book and Magazine Editing or Grammar & Style class, or have past editing experience
2) Be able to pass an editing test project upon request
3) Be willing to work closely with assigned writers on assignments
4) Be willing to fact check all assignments before submission
This internship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Since all of the workload will be done online, all interns will be able to complete monthly assignments comfortably from their own homes!

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