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Dennis Rodman Plays Basketball Game In Drag

Dennis Rodman plays basketball game in drag? Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman is known to be a little uncanny, and he has done some weird things in the past but I think he may have outdone himself recently. The famous 52 year old decided to play a game during the Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 in Argentina, while dressed as a drag queen.

Sportando, a website known for worldwide basketball news, as well as day to day basketball rumors and transactions, tweeted a candid photo of Rodman in all his drag queen glory, along with a link to a video showing evidence of the allegation. While this news is hilarious it isn’t too unusual for the former Spurs player. Kudos to Dennis Rodman for continuing to do what he loves while remaining true to himself.

Featured Image courtesy of (Sportando/Twitter)

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