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Introducing The World’s Biggest Esports Celebrities

esportsEsports is fast becoming a highly lucrative industry. It already generates millions in sponsorship deals, offers incredible prize money and a number of other rewards for gaming competition participants and winners. With millions of avid game fans and spectators around the world now hooked on the spectacle, whether they are watching live streaming action online or even if they’re cheering on at sporting arenas around the planet, a number of so called esports celebs have now emerged.
Like in any other industry, the players are treated as modern-day superstars and one such stand-out performer, often considered as the world’s greatest Warcraft 3 player, is Dutch icon Manuel Schenkhuizen, also known as Grubby. To date he is the only WC3 player to have picked up both WCG and ESWC title, as well as winning endless other esports awards.
American professional gamer Peter Dager, better known to many as ppd, is the current captain of the Evil Geniuses team, one of the longest running North American pro gaming organizations around. The 23 year old has accumulated nearly $2 million in prize money during his career and his gaming leadership is always felt in every competition his partakes in.
It’s not just the players that have managed to find fame and carve out a career for themselves through competitive gaming. The beautiful Justine Ezarik (AKA iJustine) is one of the new faces of esports who gained fame via her YouTube channel. Justine hosted the Call of Duty XP Championships back in 2011 and has since created plenty of gaming content for her fans and followers. Justine is currently one of the gaming world’s highest profile female presenters.
Whilst the players pick up the big bucks and quite frankly do all the hard work there are still plenty of presenters and commentators who are finding success in the rising world of esports. John Bain, AKA TotalBiscuit, is a British gaming critic and commentator who found fame, much like the aforementioned Ezarik, through the use of YouTube following his antics as an online roulette player. Bain was involved in putting out a number of World of Warcraft themes podcasts and various radio shows and has since created online content that has earnt him more than 470 million YouTube channel views. He now commentates on large-scale LAN parties and other popular gaming events.
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