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The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

It’s fair to say that there are plenty of celebrities out there that feel the financial pinch from time to time, and some that have absolutely no problems with endorsing pretty much anything put under their nose. As long as there’s a payday at the end of it you won’t be surprised to find that certain famous faces will actually associate themselves with pretty much anything. However some endorsements are weirder that others so we’ve gone to trouble of picking out a few mind-boggling ones below!
Jedward-originalJEDWARD – SHAKE AND VAC
Now and again there are certain celebrity appearances in a commercial break that leave us bemused as to which marketing bigwig actually sat down and thought “this is a good idea”. Whilst irritating Irish pop duo Jedward have managed to promote a number of products ideal for their particular target audience it seems a strange choice for them to be pushing Glades Shake and Vac carpet freshener doesn’t it?
He may be a high profile musical talent yet it’s no secret that Snoop Dogg is a rather eccentric figure at the best of times and this particular endorsement didn’t exactly help to alter that perception. During a campaign partnering with Symantec’s Norton anti-virus software to raise awareness of cybercrimes, Snoop was helping to promote a rap contest with the tagline Hack is Wack and eyes did roll.
You wouldn’t have thought that Real Madrid’s star striker needed more money and exposure than he already does, but it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo just can’t help himself. His most unusual endorsement to date has got to be for a Japanese facial fitness aid that apparently helps you to tone your facial muscles. An interesting product of choice for someone who is more than chiselled as it is.
He may be less- well known this side of the Atlantic but Vic Reeves is renowned for his rather surreal sense of humour in the UK and it was a surprise to many when the comic made a surprising appearance in a recent run of adverts for a bingo site. Audiences were given the fairly disturbing job of watching the 56 year old comedian from Leeds trying on a range of women’s dresses, putting on make-up and parading around his bedroom all so he can be considered an 888 lady. It’s a commercial that certainly stays with you, for all the wrong reasons.
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