Skincare Tips for Halloween Makeup

This Halloween, we’ve noticed one big trend: lots of people are swapping their store-bought costumes for a face full of paint. However, aren’t you a little concerned about how to carefully protect and prep your skin with all that latex prosthetic or wax-based Halloween makeup? Whether you’re using tons of bronzer to get that deer look just right, or going all out with a full Joker face, Jaime Cane, Licensed Esthetician and Director of Education for derma e®, is here to help with these skincare tips for Halloween makeup!
Prep Your Skin
It is always important to first prep your skin before piling on the makeup. You can accomplish this by exfoliating. “Clean, clear, and exfoliated skin helps makeup go on smoother and last longer,” says Cane. “Freshly exfoliated skin will give you the best surface to apply your Halloween makeup to. [Try] using a gentle, yet effective, scrub such as derma e® Purifying Daily Detox Scrub.”
Next, you’ll want to prime your skin with makeup primer and moisturizer, since not enough moisture will make the makeup look thick, cakey, and flakey, says Cane. However, be careful how much you apply, since too much moisturizer might make your hard work look too oily or shiny. “Choose a light-weight, quick absorbing lotion that has a matte finish if you’re normal to oily,” says Cane, “and a moisture rich crème that leaves the skin slightly dewy if you’re normal to dry.”
Makeup Removal
When it comes to removing your Halloween makeup, Cane strongly suggests using makeup remover and/or a cleansing wipe instead of just soap and water. If you used a lot of face paint, this might take a few passes, but keep at it, and remember to remove as gently as possible to prevent skin irritation. Once all your makeup is removed, you can then use your normal cleanser to watch your face. “This extra step will help prevent pore clogging and congestion that would ordinarily lead to breakouts or skin irritation,” says Cane.
Finally, remember to take a little extra time to pamper your skin post-Halloween to prevent breakouts, especially if you are prone to acne or have sensitive skin. “Use a deep pore decongesting mask such as the derma e® Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask the day after your makeup application just to be sure you are clearing out your pores completely,” says Cane. This mask uses charcoal to draw out dirt from your pores and it leaves your skin feeling extra smooth. Also, don’t forget to give some attention to the delicate eye area. “Using false lashes and long-wear liquid liner may cause more friction or irritation your eyes aren’t used to,” says Cane. “A soothing eye gel can calm, nourish, and hydrate this thin, sensitive skin.”
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