Laura Ramoso Explores “Gray” Perspectives in Latest Comedy Show, “FRANCES”

Laura Ramoso knows the best comedy can be found in the everyday. “Anything that’s ‘normal’ and seemingly innocuous about regular, day-to-day life,” she says. “Running errands, the supermarket, riding the bus, parties, family dinners, etc. The funniest stuff comes from a place of truth – that’s my opinion anyway! I am most inspired when I spend a lot of time ‘in the world.’” She regularly delights her nearly 400,000 TikTok followers. “I get some very nice comments and DMs, I love my followers. It feels rewarding to know that my videos bring people joy and they feel they can relate – so much so that they would comment and share with their friends.” Her talent will be showcased in her upcoming show, FRANCES. “FRANCES is my latest comedy special — making its way back to Toronto after its original premiere and sold-out run through BC. The show takes my signature physical comedy and satire to tell the story of Frances, the titular character who finds herself on a journey to meet up with her ex-boyfriend, Frank, who has asked her to ‘talk.’ As she makes her way through the city, audiences will encounter a variety of unforgettable characters and painfully relatable scenarios. I would consider Frances to be an exaggerated/extended version of myself, and the other characters I play in the show are inspired by real people I’ve met or moments I have observed through the course of my life.” 

Frances must face the familiar situation of an ex suddenly popping back up. “Her long-term adult ex-boyfriend had broken up with her two months prior, and now he’s asked her to ‘talk,’ out of the blue. She is wondering what he could possibly have to say, and is struggling to decide whether she should meet him or not. I think we can all relate to that scenario, one way or another.” The show is built upon Laura’s carefully crafted comedy approach. “Observational comedy and satire are totally my style of comedy and the way I approach everything I make. 90% of the characters and sketches in the show would be classified under observational comedy/satire. It’s what I love to do most!” Viewers will be encouraged to open themselves up to “gray” perspectives. “I think it’s easy to default to black and white thinking because we as humans are always looking for clear answers or trying to find meaning. I find that we are deeply uncomfortable with what often happens in reality — which is that most things, in most cases, live in this gray middle area where there can never be any real answers. Frances’ challenging romantic scenario will hopefully be the audience’s gain! FRANCES will run November 24th – 26th, 2022 at Comedy Bar Danforth in Toronto.

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Laura Ramoso Explores “Gray” Perspectives in Latest Comedy Show, “FRANCES.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Project Four PR.

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