Trendy Beauty Secret: Fake Freckles

Trendy Beauty Secret: Fake Freckles

The beauty industry is constantly changing and there are always new trends to keep up with. Have you always wanted freckles or wondered how you would look with them? You can instantly apply freckles with an eyeliner pencil, dotting it on the places that you would love them to be. This look has been trending and growing since 2012 and it is a great way to change your appearance temporarily.


Youtube’s Sonjdradeluxe, in addition to other makeup artists, has raved about this look being the next big thing. Sonjdra is a professional when it comes to makeup and she isn’t afraid to try the newest trends.

In order to achieve this look, Sonjdra used NYX Micro Brow pencil in Espresso to create small dots all over her face. The trick is to make sure you use an eyebrow pencil that is dark brown, in order to create a more realistic look. You can make the freckles as light or as dark as you want.

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This trendy look will also look great on deeper skin tones. When beauty influencer Jackie Aina tried it, the results were beautiful. If you want to rock this look, it is important to have confidence and embrace your features, because makeup is all about enhancing your beauty and having fun along the way.


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