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Ewan McGregor is to Play Danny in the ‘Shining’ Sequel ‘Dr. Sleep’

Attention fans of “The Shining”: Ewan McGregor is to play Danny in the ‘Shining’ sequel ‘Dr. Sleep.’  Danny Torrance will be back on the screen in 2020 in the horror classic’s sequel. King fans will finally get to go see the much-anticipated film adaptation thanks to Warner Bros.’  Talk of the Warner Bros’ adaption of “Doctor Sleep” started years ago. However, it hasn’t come to fruition until now. Set to direct is Mike Flanagan. No stranger to working on Stephen King projects, he recently directed the Netflix version of King’s “Gerald’s Game.” Thanks to the success of 2017’s “IT,” King’s projects are being sped along for the enjoyment of viewers.

For those of you who haven’t read the novel, “Doctor Sleep” starts up where “The Shining” left off. Danny is an adult now, haunted by the memories of the Overlook Hotel. Not unlike his father, he develops anger issues and an alcohol addiction. We follow Danny as his powers return with sobriety. Torrance finds a useful avenue for his gift at a hospice, where he helps the dying. He soon meets a young girl with striking abilities and discovers a way to increase his powers.

“The Shining” is a horror movie classic, and although the film didn’t perform so well upon its release, many horror fans consider the Stanley Kubrick film to be one of the best. The sequel possesses great promise to become yet another film classic, especially with McGregor set to star.  

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