How to Style White Pants

With summer quickly approaching, it’s finally time to break out the white pants! How to style white pants is a skill that comes in handy during warm weather. While the infamous ban on white after Labor Day is not followed as strictly by fashionistas anymore, white pants are still most commonly worn during the summertime as a basic staple. Do you have a cute top or accessory in mind, but you’re unsure about how to style it with white? The opportunities are endless, and we’ve got you covered with several outfit ideas. Check out our favorites right here!



Choosing how to style white pants during the summer is a task made easy with bold tops. Printed tops like this Lilly Pulitzer one make any pair of white pants stand out. Since white matches almost everything, it’s an easy combination and makes the colors in the piece pop more than would a pair of blue jeans.

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Neon colors will pop against the white jeans, as well! The contrast between this pink Brighton The Day tank and the white jeans places more focus on the top. Blue jeans or other colored pants may overshadow the color, but white pants will leave you looking classy and fun.

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Mixing and matching different types of denim is another fun way to style white pants. While blue denim on denim is a popular look, pairing a classic blue denim jacket with white pants will give equal attention to both pieces.

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For a more classy, professional look during the summer, pair a navy top with white jeans. Wearing navy to professional events can be a struggle, since it doesn’t match with black, but navy paired with white is the perfect alternative.

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Patterns, especially gingham and stripes, look perfect with white jeans. The white in the striped or gingham top is enhanced by the white pants, so they are an ideal match. A gingham navy blue top, like the one pictured, can get overlooked when styled with blue jeans, but white jeans show off the details in the top and in any accessories included.

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