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TikTok’s Best Summer Hair Trends for 2023

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Today we want to share TikTok’s best summer hair trends for 2023. Summer 2023 is upon us, and as we prepare for sun-soaked days and warm nights, it’s time to refresh our hairstyles with TikTok’s summer hair trends for 2023.  This year has brought a mix of sophisticated looks, bold colors, and heatless styling hacks that are sure to make a statement all season long.

Key takeaways from this article

  • Curtain bangs, heatless curls, high ponytail hack, the Farrah Fawcett cut and the butterfly haircut are among the top 5 of TikTok’s best summer hair trends for 2023.
  • Achieving these trending looks requires using the right tools and products, getting a professional haircut, and experimenting with different styles to find what works best for your hair type and face shape.
  • Texturizing sprays or mousses can enhance volume and create a tousled effect in your Butterfly Haircut while barrettes or clips can accentuate layers of The Farrah Fawcett Cut.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new; experiment with bold colors or mixedmatched styles to achieve a truly unique vibe when following Korean hairstyle trends seen on social media platforms like TikTok.

Top 5 TikTok Hair Trends For Summer 2023

Explore the top 5 TikTok hair trends that will dominate Summer 2023, including curtain bangs, heatless curls, high ponytail hack, the Farrah Fawcett cut and the butterfly haircut.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the epitome of effortless chic, making them one of TikTok’s hottest hair trends for Summer 2023. They frame the face beautifully with their soft, parted style, adding an air of sophistication to any look.

One notable curtain bangs enthusiast is supermodel Bella Hadid, who has been seen flaunting her perfectly tousled fringe on numerous occasions. On TikTok, users share helpful tips on how to cut and style your own curtain bangs at home or demonstrate the transformative power of these versatile bangs when paired with various hairstyles such as high ponytails or messy buns.

Heatless Curls

Heatless curls are a popular TikTok hair trend in summer 2023 because they offer a low-maintenance and damage-free way to achieve effortless waves. To create this look, wrap small sections of hair around fabric strips or foam rollers, secure them with bobby pins, leave them overnight, and then remove the rollers in the morning for voluminous curls.

This technique works well on all hair types and textures from straight to curly. You can also add some texture spray or hairspray for hold and definition that will last all day long.

Other trending heatless curl techniques include braiding damp hair before bed or twisting sections into knots before securing them with clips to create soft beachy waves that look natural yet beautiful.

High Ponytail Hack

TikTok's best summer hair trends for 2023One of the hottest hair trends on TikTok for Summer 2023 is the High Ponytail Hack. This versatile hairstyle can be dressed up or down and is perfect for those hot summer days when you want to keep your hair off your neck.

To achieve this look, you’ll need a few basic tools like a brush, elastic bands, and bobby pins. Start by brushing your hair back into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and securing it with an elastic band.

Then take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic band before pinning it in place with bobby pins. The High Ponytail Hack has been seen on runways at Milan Fashion Week and on social media influencers alike, making it one of the most popular hairstyling trends for Summer 2023.

The Farrah Fawcett Cut

The Farrah Fawcett cut is a classic hairstyle that has made a comeback on TikTok for Summer 2023. This iconic haircut features long, layered hair with feathered bangs, inspired by the actress who popularized the style in the ’70s.

The Farrah Fawcett cut is perfect for those looking to add volume and texture to their hair while still maintaining a sophisticated look. To achieve this trending look, it’s important to find a hairstylist who specializes in layering techniques and can give you face-framing layers like Farrah’s famous shaggy cut.

When styling at home, use volumizing products to create body and fullness in your hair without weighing it down. Don’t forget about hair accessories too – barrettes or clips can help accentuate the layers of your haircut while also keeping flyaways at bay.

The Butterfly Haircut

The Butterfly Haircut is one of the best TikTok summer hair trends for 2023. This style involves adding layers to the hair, giving it a fluttery and voluminous look reminiscent of butterfly wings. The cut works best on long or medium-length hair and can be customized for different face shapes and hair textures.

To maintain your Butterfly Haircut at home, use texturizing sprays or mousses to enhance volume and create a tousled effect. Consider experimenting with bold colors or highlights that can add even more dimension to your new look.

How To Achieve The Trending Looks

Achieving the hottest TikTok hair trends for summer 2023 requires using the right tools and products, getting a professional haircut, and experimenting with different styles to find what works best for your hair type and face shape.

Using The Right Tools And Products

To achieve the hottest TikTok hair trends for summer 2023, it’s important to use the right tools and products. For curtain bangs, a small round brush can help create volume while blow-drying, while heatless curls can be achieved with foam rollers or flexi rods.

The high ponytail hack can benefit from hair ties that won’t leave creases, and volumizing spray can add body to the Farrah Fawcett cut. It’s also important to choose styling products suitable for your hair type and texture – for example, if you have curly or frizzy hair, a smoothing serum could be useful in taming flyaways.

Getting A Professional Haircut

Achieving the perfect TikTok hair trends for Summer 2023 requires not only the right tools and products but also a professional haircut. Whether you’re going for bold colors, curtain bangs, or mixed texture hair, it’s important to have a skilled hairstylist who can help bring your vision to life.

A good stylist will take into account your face shape and hair type before recommending a style that will suit you best. Plus, they’ll be able to create the signature cuts such as The Butterfly Haircut or The Farrah Fawcett Cut with precision and finesse.

Experimenting With Different Styles

TikTok's best summer hair trends for 2023To achieve your desired look for Summer 2023, it’s time to break free from the confines of a single hairstyle and start experimenting. Try mixing up different styles or adding new twists to old favorites. For instance, you can pair bold hair colors with curtain bangs or add body volume to your high ponytail hack.

One great way to experiment is by trying out Korean hairstyles, which often incorporate mixedmatched styles into their looks, as seen on social media platforms like TikTok. Don’t be afraid to try something new; after all, beauty trends are always evolving and changing thanks in part to social media influencers who drive viral content through creative hairstyling videos.

Conclusion: Embrace The Best TikTok Summer Hair Trends For 2023

Get ready to rock the hottest hair trends of 2023, as seen on TikTok! From curtain bangs to heatless curls and high ponytail hacks, these fun and easy styles are perfect for summer.

With the right tools and products, you can achieve a sophisticated yet effortless look that will turn heads wherever you go. And don’t forget to experiment with bold colors, mixed textures, and mixedmatched styles for a truly unique vibe.

Whether you’re following Milan Fashion Week or Korean hairstyle trends, these TikTok hair trends are sure to become your new favorites.

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