Lavender Eyeshadow is All You’re Going to Want to Wear this Spring

Bold, primary colors have been dominating social media for a while now but, with spring (supposedly) around the corner, things are starting to lighten up. Pastels have begun to make their move to the forefront of our closets and makeup bags. Are they as groundbreaking as florals? Maybe. But nevertheless, the Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet, is taking over and it’s all you’re ever going to want to wear.


Image credit: @pizzapizza_nisa on Instagram 

Purple rain, grape soda, lavender realness, this look is everything! Geometric shadow has never looked better. To achieve this eye, trace out your desired shape with whatever purple hue you choose, then slightly blend your lines, just enough so that they’re blurred but still maintain their shape. After that, simply fill in the space with a lighter, lilac shade like you’re coloring by number.

Lavender Latex

Image Credit: @tyronmachhausen on Instagram

The combination of a glossy lid and lilac shadow is next level. The beauty about this look is that it’s meant to be messy, which means that anyone can recreate it. Just a swipe of purple and a few dabs of gloss and you’re finished. Top your eyes off with spidery lashes and a fluffy brow to finish off this editorial, yet easy, look.

Purple Flush

Image Credit: @benjaminpuckey on Instagram

The flawless gradient in this look just extended my life by twenty years. This blown out eyeshadow to blush combination screams festival, but can definitely be toned down to more wearable standards. Multiple dimensions is key to this eye look, so pick out a few purples and just get creative with your blending. Stick to the basics of having a darker color in the crease and a lighter color on the lid to make your efforts full-proof.


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Lavender Eyeshadow is All You’re Going to Want to Wear this Spring. Featured Image Credit: @katiejanehughes on Instagram

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