The Best Makeup Looks To Wear This Spring 2018

Spring is officially here and it is time to wear the best makeup that will suite beautifully for this season. There are many makeups to choose from such as smokey eyes, a pop of color and glitter. It is best to find what colors are desirable for your skin tone, but remember to have fun with it. Here are the best makeup looks to wear in the spring.


Smokey Eye

Image Credit: @hungvanngo on Instagram

A smokey eye look will look great on anyone and it can be created in many different ways. This smudgy look will look great with any color of your choice. Blend at least three different shades of colors across your lids for a bolder and gradient look or use a light layer around your lash lines for a softer appearance.


Blue Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @shaebutters on Instagram

Blue eyeshadow is perfect for any skin color. It is a trend that includes a royal blue eyeshadow with a glittery finish. Pick a shadow that pops and complete that with a neutral look that includes a light blush, a soft pink lipgloss and a highlight that will make your skin glowy. You can also add a liquid eyeliner to compliment your eyes.


Cat Eyes

Image Credit: @patrickta on Instagram

This spring, it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and rocking your best eyeliner. Cat eyes are a go to look for the spring because it embraces the shape of your eyes. It goes well with any eyeshadow and you can create any shape that you want, such as a thick line or a thin line.


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The Best Makeup Looks To Wear This Spring 2018: Featured Image Credit: @shaebutters on Instagram

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