Should You Add Oxygen to Your Skincare Routine?

Everyone says that drinking a bunch of water will solve all of your skin problems (which, unfortunately, is definitely fake news), but what about adding another natural element to your routine? Enter, oxygen. The concept of something that is as seemingly arbitrary as oxygen paired with skincare may seem silly and even gimmicky. However, there is science behind oxygen that backs up its claims of providing consumers with more glowy, rejuvenated skin. Something to note is that since oxygen is a gas, it can’t be the stand-alone ingredient in a skincare product. So, oxygen is usually paired with hydrogen peroxide or other ingredients to stimulate it into action. Depending on your preference, you may want to avoid using a product that contains hydrogen peroxide and opt instead for an oxygenating product that uses ingredients like vitamin C or calcium to generate oxygen flow in your skin. Some gorgeous products (I just want to be Johnathan from Queer Eye, OK) to try that are hydrogen peroxide-free include: Glam Glow’s BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask, Miss Spa’s Oxygenating Bubble Mask, and Clinique’s Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask.

Image Credit: @glamglow on Instagram 


You’ll notice that all of these product names share the word bubble. This is because oxygenating products tend to start off as a gel-like formula when you first apply them and then, over a period of about ten to fifteen minutes, bubble up, giving your face a Squidward-like appearance as a girl pointed out, earning her a viral moment last year. The product that she used was this Korean one that you can purchase on Amazon. Personally, I’ve used the Miss Spa mask and am now dying to try Glam Glow’s version that also has the added element of charcoal in it. A warning: when the mask begins to bubble up you can definitely feel the product working, which may be satisfying to some, but can also give off a crawling sensation to others. From my experience, I thought that the bubbles just tickled, but I could see how other people might find them to be annoying. However, even if the bubbles bother you, I recommend getting through at least one mask session because the instant results are so worth it. Oxygen promotes blood circulation, which can stimulate cell growth and regeneration, which is great if you’re looking to slow down the aging process. More benefits include pore minimization and lifting dullness and discoloration from your skin. Overall, if you’re looking to revive your complexion, give oxygen a try and see what kind of life it can breathe into your skin.


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Should You Add Oxygen to Your Skincare Routine? Featured Image Credit: @clinique on Instagram