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Elisabeta Vintila: Global Glamour Girl


“When I tell people I come from Romania, they usually ask if I’m a vampire or a gymnast!” laughs international model Elisabeta Vintila.

“But my country is about more than just Dracula and Nadia Comaneci. It’s also rich in history and a picturesque, unspoiled place with beautiful green fields.”

Born and raised near Bucharest, she relocated to London as her main base, spends a lot of time in Los Angeles but is really a global citizen traveling the world for modeling assignments.

“Among my favorite places are Paris and Milan because they are fashion capitals. I wanted to be a model because fashion has always been my passion. Plus I really enjoy the creativity of the job – one tiny movement or changed expression can do magic and transform you.

“The pressure that comes with this work is to always look good and fresh – but a good night’s sleep and plenty of vitamin C will do the trick there.”

The size zero stunner has two other important tips to share. “Always wear sun block in order to protect your skin, even in winter time as there’s still UV. And always be hydrated. Drink three cups of any tea daily. That’s what works for me.”

And in this age of the selfie, what is her advice for the perfect IG picture? “Angles and lighting are important as well as distance. For example, if I take a picture too close up then my nose will start looking huuuge.”

elisabetaWait a minute, even a successful model has insecurities? “Yes, a few of them. Just like every other woman. I have got cellulite and stretch marks and other scars on my body but it’s ok. As long as I’m happy and my family are healthy then I’m all good. My greatest ambition is to always make my mother proud, as I love her more than life itself.”

Something else making her mom proud is how Elisabeta has been expanding from modeling to acting lately, including picking up a coveted stage role.

“The longest running play in Los Angeles is a romantic comedy called It’s Just Sex and the show will be coming to London soon with me among the cast. I love the comedic elements of it as I’ve been writing comedy sketches for a young age and this is a good fit for me as I transition into more acting.”

Among actors and models there are two great beauties she admires above all others. “Naomi Campbell because she’s always radiant, open and super relaxed and Angelina Jolie because she’s loving, caring and a great humanitarian.”

Elisabeta is on her way to the big time too but fame is not something that interests her. “Doing the things you love doing and spending time with loved ones – that’s what life is all about. Bless you all.”

You can finder her on instagram as lizzi_v

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Images provided by Elisabeta Vintila

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