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‘Deadpool 2’ Review

Was Deadpool 2 worth watching? It’s Deadpool! Of course it’s worth watching Ryan Reynolds take hold of his sarcastic comedic self and turn it into a lovable potty-mouthed badass superhero. If you thought having just one installment of Deadpool was enough to fulfill your geeky comic books dreams, then you are wrong. Deadpool 2 is just as good and fulfilling as the first for some of the same reasons and also for different ones.

We should just start out by saying that Ryan Reynolds is oh my lord Deadpool. Not just playing a persona, but is the actual superhero. It’s hard to imagine a better actor to bring to life the super tight red suit wearing sarcastic character that we rejoice in. Just like the first, the comedy has you laughing at dirty jokes in a way that is gross, but delightful. I mean who wouldn’t find funny Deadpool’s weird romance for Colossus. Besides, you know Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) can’t resist making jabs at the other characters in the Marvel cinematic universe. Especially his spiel about the X-men mansion always being empty. Hint you might want to pay attention to these scenes.  

Compared to the first film, you get quite teary eyed while watching Deadpool take off his snarky comedic mask to show some real emotion. This film is a lot more romantic than expected. So much so, you could totally say Vanessa and Deadpool are #couplegoals. Let’s not forget Josh Brolin as Cable which gives off some serious Terminator vibes. Trust me, the film is in no way short of unexpected turns and surprise appearances. Wink Wink. Who can forget, Deadpool’s regenerative abilities. Which you will see again, but in a way that makes you question what your eyes are digesting on the screen. The action is just as gory and realistic as the first, maybe even more so. It seems as though the film plays upon common film cliches like the tear driven romantic storyline, becoming a better person to save a life, trying to move on, turning over a new leaf and finding a purpose. But, Deadpool makes it sooooooooo much more fun to watch. The film is not necessarily at the height of the first, but it’s just good ole dirty fun. There’s always room for some more Deadpool.

Don’t miss the post credit scenes, oh they’re a real hoot.


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‘Deadpool 2’ Review. Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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