Raymond Matts Aura De Parfum: The Fragrance Collection

If you’re looking for a gift that will last way past the holidays and will always remind your loved ones of you, then we’ve found just that! Introducing Raymond Matts Aura De Parfum: The Fragrance Collection, a set of seven artisanal fragrances each made into unique blends to create an “aura” of a perfume. Raymond Matts is a fragrance designer who has made history in the fragrance industry for his way of creating scents. His touch on creating the perfect blend of rich and soft elements is captivating, and you’re swept away with just one spray from any of his perfumes. Each fragrance in the collection is made to fit certain moods and hit particular notes. Spritz a bit on the inner wrists, throat, behind the ears, inner elbows, or even cleavage, and these wonderful smelling essences are ready to spread wherever you go. To give you an idea how these scents smell, we’ve described two below.

Tulile presents a soft side to masculinity by including scents to make it simple and subtle. The addition of a citrus twist helps create this effect in between the earthy and woodsy scents.
Sunah encapsulates the scent of floral fragrance with hints of mimosa and apple. Together, they create a sweet, rich fragrance that lasts softly on the skin throughout the day.

Interested in purchasing these exquisite perfumes? Head on over to to browse the collection more and purchase any, if not all! Also, be on the lookout for this collection hitting Nordstrom in stores this month.
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