DIY Highlights

DIY Highlights

 Are you dying to shed your winter hair color for something much lighter? Our beautiful locks tend to turn naturally lighter in the summer anyway, but there is no harm in rushing the process. Just by adding highlights to your hair you can easily change your look, which will have you looking fabulous all summer long. The only problem is that having your hair highlighted at a salon can cost you a pretty penny. The price can start at 250 dollars and quickly work its way up depending on the length of your hair. So why spend all that money when you can achieve this look all on your own, with the help of a few products that I recommend?

Sun In: Two great features about this product is that you do not have to put that much work into it and there is no way you can mess it up. All you have to do is spray onto damp hair and comb it through evenly right before you head outside. The sun does the rest of the work for you. I suggest using this product if you are going for a more natural look.

Garnier® Nutrisse® Nourishing Multi-Lights Highlighting Kit: I choose this as the second product because it does not contain a frost cap anywhere in the box. Yes! The kit comes with an applicator brush which you can use to easily apply the formula to your locks. The great plus about this product is that you can choose how bold or subtle you want to go.

L’oreal® Feria® Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlight Kit: This kit from L’oreal® comes with an Easy-Glide applicator and tons of shimmery solutions not only to give you great highlights but also to boost the glow of your natural hair. One thing that I love about this is that unlike some other products out there this product will not have your hair feeling dry or looking brassy.

Revlon Frost&Glow™
: This kit does come with a cap but I advise to totally trash that frost cap and grab yourself a toothbrush. With the toothbrush you can easily apply the formula to different sections of your hair. This formula is great if you want to put dimension into your hair. Also, just as with the Garnier® kit you can choose if you want to go bold or not.

So here are a few tips to keep in mind while applying the highlighting formula. One, check strands of hair while formula is applied until strand reaches desired color. Two, make sure to trash the frost caps that come in some of the kits, really they are no help. Last, a toothbrush can be really useful to apply the formula to hair. With all that in mind you will be looking fabulous in no time.

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