Strobing vs. Contouring

Contouring is out, and strobing is in. But what exactly is strobing? Strobing is a part of the contouring family; it’s practically a cousin or a sister of contouring. Made by famous by Kim Kardashian and her BFF makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, strobing is all about bringing that glow to your complexion, whereas contouring is about accentuating features by making them more prominent or shadowy. BY STACEY CAMACHO
Strobing vs. Contouring

Do you want to bring that glow to your face? After all, it does add freshness, youthfulness, and radiance, all of which make your complexion look healthy. If you do want that glow, then strobing will be your friend. Remember to add illuminizer to all areas of where the sun hits your face, such as the center of your forehead, brow bones, under the eyes, tops of cheekbones, center of nose, as well as the center of the chin. Don’t be afraid to illuminize!

Begin contouring by using makeup two shades darker and two shades lighter to highlight your face. Contour the hairline to minimize your forehead, and highlight in the middle of the forehead. To minimize your nose, add bronzer on the outer bridges of the nose on both sides and highlight the center of it. To add cheekbones, contour at the hairline right above your ear and follow through with your brush; it should be right below your cheekbones. Finish that off by highlighting right above your cheekbones.
Have a lot of cheek and looking to downsize it? No problem. With your contour brush, contour right at the jawline. Don’t forget to highlight right above the jawline. Want bigger lips? Outline your lips not on the lip line, but right on the outside. Highlight your lips by applying a lipstick or gloss, and contour your decolletage if you want them to be fuller or more shapely. Top this look off by highlighting your cleavage.
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