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Daily downloads of Zoom have increased 30 times year-over-year, with Zoom daily users amounting to 200 million in March, 2020. With features like HD video, beauty filters, and background changes, Zoom is here to stay. After all, remote work is set to be part of the new normal, with companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter agreeing to permanently allow staff to work from home for at least a couple of days a week. If the one thing you miss about person-to-person meetings is the chance to show off your sense of style, know that you don’t have to make this sacrifice. The key to a successful Zoom look is to sport industry-appropriate clothing with a few slight modifications.

Dressing Down A Suit

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If you work in sectors that require formal wear (think the legal, business or sales sectors) then it may be the norm to continue sporting your suit and tie during Zoom meetings. If you check out a few recorded video conferences online, however, you may notice that many workers are sporting slightly less formal versions of their usual look. Thus, if you are having a small meeting with colleagues, simply wearing a good shirt or a shirt and tie may be enough. Of course, if you are selling an important project to clients you haven’t met before, then going the full formal route may be your safest bet.

 Being Ready For All Scenarios

The stock image of the remote worker donning a shirt and tie and wearing pajama bottoms is a cliché that should be avoided. You never know when you may be asked to bring something to the table or stand and partake in an exercise. Be fully clothed, ensuring you are wearing shoes as well. Being completely dressed will save you from ‘accidents’ like a slipped camera frame or last-minute request that may result in your whole look being seen.

 Adding Jewelry Into The Equation

Your look does not have to be sparse and Spartan. Quite the contrary; wearing a few sparkly pieces during a Zoom conference can add a professional touch to your look and serve as a form of self-expression. To ace your video call look, opt for a few simple, subtle pieces such as small ear-hugging diamond hoop earrings, small stud earrings, one or more stacked fine chains, and a bangle-style bracelet and/or watch. If you love vintage pieces like lockets, you can definitely wear them. Just make sure to keep the rest of your look simple so your jewelry doesn’t overtake your entire look.

 Avoid Geometric Patterns

Zoom Video Call

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Avoid patterns that can ‘strobe’ onscreen, choosing solid colors instead. Your look doesn’t have to be monochrome: for instance, you can pair a yellow top with a lavender jacket or cute sweater. Just avoid stripes, geometric shapes, and repetitive prints that can distract your audience. Smaller prints are okay, provided that they don’t create a strobing effect when there is a loss of continuity in the line. In general, prints should be small and kept to informal meetings such as daily updates with colleagues or friendly chats.

 Zoom is here to stay, as is the remote working phenomenon. To ace your look, aim to always dress to industry standards, allowing yourself a little less formality in casual meetings. Feel free to wear jewelry and accessories (such as fashionable eyeglasses), but make sure that whatever you’re wearing doesn’t distract your audience from your main message.

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