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The former front-woman of hit alternative act Company of Thieves, Genevieve embarked as a solo artist with alternative aesthetics and indie pop sounds that are all a style of her own. We caught up with the fabulous vocalist and got the scoop on her debut EP, songwriting, and her bold and unique sound.
Cliché: With the release of your debut EP Show Your Colors, how has the response been from your fans?
Genevieve: My fans are exactly that: fans! They are the BEST because they are fearless, often opening up to me and each other by sharing their experiences that relate to the music!
For those who have not yet heard your music, how would you describe your sound?
My sound is colorful, soulful, emotional, primal, and cinematic, like a birthday.
Were there any songs that were difficult to write on this EP?
All of my songs are easy to write because I have already lived through the experiences and did the work that helped me get to the point where I could express myself through music. Do you see what I mean? For me, living through the chaos of life is the hard part and writing songs is a way of focusing, a relief!
What does the phrase “show your colors” mean to you, and how does it reflect in your music?
Showing your colors means expressing your truth, which is an infectious, expansive act! Making and sharing music is a way for me to break free from any self-constructed illusion that has trapped me or kept me from loving myself and growing in my life.
Will we be seeing a full-length album anytime soon?
My crystal ball shows a full-length in 2016!

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Genevieve Interview: Photographed by Michael Schwartz

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