Easy Back to School Hairstyles

When we hear the expression “back-to-school,” we immediately think of quick go-to styles–from cute outfits that we can effortlessly put together to easy hairstyles we can do in a hurry in the early mornings. Looking presentable and casual while being comfortable is our back-to-school must-do when it comes to our looks. It’s all about appearing put–together without actually putting much time or work into it. In the mornings, most of us wish our hair could just magically do itself. Sadly, unless some machine is created to do so in the future, that will never be the case. For now, we can only rely on ourselves to create quick and easy hairstyles. All you need is 15 minutes tops and a few supplies to master these easy back to school hairstyles: dry shampoo, a curling iron, hairspray, and hair accessories. Simple enough!

Photo via Confessions of a Hairstylist by Jenny Strebe

Half Up, Half Down
Wearing our hair down and natural can be the easiest style to have it in all day long. However, we often can get annoyed with bangs or the front pieces of our hair constantly getting in our faces. Instead of wearing all of your hair down, you can take your front pieces and pull them up  into either a top knot or a ponytail. This hairstyle works well with two-day-old hair too–just spritz in some dry shampoo, and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to enjoy the day with your hair au natural and out of your way.

Photo via Hair and Makeup by Steph

Natural Curls
Creating the perfect curls can be difficult goal to achieve. We’ve mastered a lightning fast way to produce natural-looking curls everyday. Just tie up your locks into a high ponytail and curl your hair in 1 inch pieces. Then run your fingers through your hair to loosen them up, and add some hairspray. You’ll be surprised how full and natural your curls look! Check out a helpful tutorial here.

Photo via Ma Nouvelle Mode

Tucked-In Headband
For the days that you want to be a little dressed up, you can add a headband to your hairstyle. Pick one that stands out with sparkles, a print, or a neon color! All you have to do is slide the headband over your head; make sure it’s positioned securely–you can add bobby pins to make sure it’s more intact. Then take your hair, and tuck it in and around the headband. It’s okay if some strands are loose–it provides that romantic look we’re going for.

Photo via Twist Me Pretty

Bouncy Bun
A bun has always been an easy go-to hairstyle. All you have to do is flip your hair up and gather it into an elastic. Pulling your hair into an extremely messy bun isn’t very presentable though. For our bouncy bun, we’re keeping the classic bun look but amping it up a bit. Spray some dry shampoo into your hair if needed, and style it into an adorable top knot. You can curl some of the loose pieces with a curling iron to make it a bit more put-together. You can then add a fun scarf to accessorize. There you have it! A chic bouncy bun that is super fast and stylish.

Photo via Divine Caroline

Double Ponytail
It’s easy to style your hair into a ponytail, but if you want to add some volume, you can create a double ponytail. Just section off your hair into a bottom half and a top half. Then pull each half into a separate ponytail. Don’t worry about them showing; the top one will cover the bottom making it appear fuller. Spritz some hairspray to tame those fly-aways, and you’ll have a voluminous ponytail all day.

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