Out-of-Water Hair Tips

Summer days spent taking a dip in the pool or soaking up some sun at the beach are perfect for showing off those new swimsuits, drinking piña coladas, and catching a tan—but not so much for our hair. Whether it’s the chlorine or saltwater, our locks can become just as reckless as the waves we may crash into. I know firsthand how tangled and trying out-of-water hair can be, especially if you have a lion’s mane like mine. I’ve had my fair share of bad hair moments after a beautiful sunny day, but with plenty of visits to the beach and pool comes experience with how to beat any water blues. Here are my go-to out-of-water hair tips to make sure that there won’t be any clouds raining on your parades anytime soon.

Holy Grail Hair Products
Apply a small amount of any of these hair products into your locks for magical results. And if you decide to brush through them, remember that a wet brush or wide tooth comb is your hair’s ultimate BFF.

Must-do Hairstyles
No one has time for tangles and knots, so when it comes to rocking your hair after a full day of swimming, you may feel like your locks are limited. Fear not, though! These hairstyles have become my go-to options, no matter how much chlorine there is in a pool. Just spritz one of the amazing hair products in, gently brush it through, and style it for an easy, breezy hairdo.


Milkmaid Braids
This braid style has free spirit written all over it.


Bun Duo
Because two messy buns are so much more fun than one.

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Boxer Braids
Whatever you may call these braids, they all have one thing in common—they are totally made for summer days.


Beachy Waves/Curls
Apply some hair product, scrunch it into your locks, and just let them air dry! You can even add little braids or loose buns for bohemian-inspired details.  
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