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Mole Removal: What Are Your Options?

mole removal

Everyone has a few moles on their skin somewhere. They’re actually more common than you think. The real problem arises when they become cancerous in nature. Some people can also be sensitive about moles that are present on their faces and want to have them removed, even if they don’t jeopardize their health. For these reasons, the different options for mole removal will be presented so that you can see which option is best for you.


Surgery is one of the more common options for mole removal utah. A local anaesthetic is administered to the area around the mole until it’s numb, and then surgical scissors are used to remove the mole. On some occasions, the mole can go deep within the skin, requiring a deeper incision that could require stitches. In these cases, a scar may form but you can speak with your doctor about any aftercare treatments that can be done to minimize the appearance of the scars.


If a mole is deemed to be non-cancerous and it isn’t deep within the skin, freezing it off is an option. This method uses liquid nitrogen, which is extremely cold. When it comes into contact with skin, the skin cells immediately die and the mole will fall off. This is sometimes considered a better option because it is an outpatient procedure and doesn’t require the use of anaesthetic beforehand. Most times, only a small blister will remain at the site after the mole has fallen off.


mole removalShaving is another surgical option but doesn’t involve an incision being done. Instead, the mole is shaved down until there is only a pink mark left on the skin. Local anaesthetic is still required, but more of the skin is left intact instead of carving the mole out of the body. This is also a good option only if the mole is close to the surface of the skin.

Laser Treatment

The newest option for mole removal is laser treatment. This method works best on moles that are non-cancerous and are not too thick. No incisions need to be made, nor is there a need for any anaesthetic. Instead, short and light bursts of laser are used to destroy the skin cells of the mole. The remains of the mole will appear as a small burned patch on the skin, but this will heal on its own with time. Laser treatment is a good option if you have moles in sensitive areas of the body, like on the ears or the face, which can be problem areas for surgery to take care of properly.

All mole removal options are performed by licensed dermatologists, of course, so it’s important that you find one close to you who has these options available. If you have a mole present on your body that you’re concerned about, be sure to speak to your medical provider as soon as possible so that the mole can be taken care of quickly. You don’t want a simple mole to turn into something that can jeopardize your health.

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