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5 Fun Things to do in New York for the Whole Family

5 Fun Things to do in New York for the Whole Family

Today we want to share 5 fun things to do in New York for the whole family. Many people consider New York to be the greatest city in the world. Tokyo, London, and Paris are all contenders as well, but there’s something magical about the Big Apple. If you visit there, you can experience it for yourself. If you are planning a trip, you might scout out some hotels near JFK airport or LaGuardia for the sake of convenience. If you bring the family, you’ll need to come up with some activities that everyone can enjoy.

 Here are some quintessential NYC activities that should create some happy memories for everyone who came on the trip.

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is such an iconic structure. You see it on shirts, postcards, and in miniature at souvenir stands all over the city. It’s one thing to see it on a shirt, though, and quite another to check it out in person.

You can walk across the bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan and see the whole city spread out around you. It’s hard not to think of the Frank Sinatra song, “New York, New York,” when you see the water sparkling below and hear the seagulls calling.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

You can take the family and visit Liberty Island and the famous statue of Lady Liberty. You can hear information about the statue from a tour guide as you gaze up at her celestial beauty. You can take some pictures you’ll surely cherish forever.

Go to a Yankee Game

Statue of liberty new york

Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels

You can head into the Bronx to Yankee Stadium and catch a home game if the team is in town. You can see the exhibits inside that depict famous Yankees before you sit in the stands and watch newly-minted captain Aaron Judge try to hit another long bomb. Don’t forget the peanuts and crackerjacks, although you can get much fancier fare at the Stadium these days. They even have a steakhouse inside, though a meal there will set you back quite a bit. 

Ride the Elevator to the Top Floor of the Empire State Building

You can venture back down into Manhattan and visit the Empire State Building. It’s as iconic as Lady Liberty, and you can head all the way up to the observation deck at the top.

Hopefully, you don’t have a fear of heights, because the people look like ants when you see them scurrying below. You can think about the various King Kong movies that took place there and the mighty gorilla plummeting to his doom during the climactic conclusion.

Walk Along the Highline

You might conclude the day by walking along the Highline. The Highline has been open for a few years now, and it has become one of the city’s biggest attractions. It’s a perfect example of something being repurposed and finding new life.

You should love the time you spend in this beautiful city, whether you’re there for a couple of days, a whole week, or even longer. You will never run out of thrilling things to do.

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