How to Make a Wedding Mood Board to Make Planning Easier

wedding mood board

Planning a wedding is a huge task. Even if you’re eloping, there are still many things you will need to do to have a successful wedding. Making a wedding mood board is one of the things you can do to organize your thoughts regarding your wedding. From flowers and colors to the dresses and suits, a wedding mood board is a great wedding planning tool. If you’ve never made one, here are some tips for making one that will best suit your wedding wants!

Start with the Basics

When you decide to make a mood board, go back to basics. You’ll want to focus on adding items that are absolutely necessary for your wedding. Items like wedding rings for women, your wedding attire and even your invitations should all end up on your wedding mood board if those are things you want to include in your special day. You can even include images that call to mind your wedding budget. Considering the average wedding costs almost $30,000, including those items will help you keep your priorities in mind as you plan your wedding.

Think of Your Aesthetic

As you’re making your mood board, think about your overall aesthetic. What colors are you considering? Many couples like to include at least one neutral color and two accent colors. Whether it’s gray, maroon and navy blue or it’s ivory, dusty rose and sage green, having a few colors that make up your aesthetic will go a long way in elevating your mood board to the next level.

Having these colors on your mood board and thinking of your overall aesthetic will also help you remember to choose images that feature those colors. This includes dishware, venues and other types of decor. Thinking of your aesthetic will help you create a mood board that best aligns with your wants for your wedding.

Find Images That Match Your Aesthetic

Your aesthetic can be a variety of things. Whether you choose something a bit darker and moodier or you want a wedding that’s light and breezy, it’s entirely up to you and your partner. As you put together your mood board, you’ll want to find images that match your aesthetic and trigger images related to what you want to see in your wedding.

There are plenty of things, such as decor, sample wedding portraits and venues that you can include in your wedding mood board. A mood board is all about the general feel and vibe of your event, so it’s important that you pick images which trigger that aesthetic. Looking at those photos should inspire you to keep planning your wedding and get excited for your event.

Include Your Partner

wedding mood boardIncluding your partner in your wedding mood board is another way you can use it to make planning easier. When they see all the things that you want to include, they will use it to keep you on track for your wedding. They can remind you when you choose linens that don’t quite line up with what you’ve already got on your mood board, or help you in your decision to swap a diamond wedding ring for a silicone wedding band instead.

And, if your desires change, that’s okay! You can easily update your mood board to reflect on your current wedding needs. Even if your partner doesn’t get involved in all the parts of planning your event, including them in the mood board will help them feel slightly in the loop. Otherwise, they might feel like you don’t want to know how they feel or use their opinion.

Share with Your Vendors

Sharing your mood board with your vendors is another way it can help make your wedding planning easier. This way, your vendors have a clear vision about what you’re looking for. They can use it as a jumping point for their own items, especially your designer and florist. They can also use it to keep you on budget. If they look at your mood board and notice that all the things you want are out of your price range, they can work with you to find budget friendly alternatives or create a new vision that still captures the heart of your special day but doesn’t break the bank.

Save It to Your Desktop

wedding mood boardSome mood boards are created through graphic design sites, others through wedding registries or third parties. Using a graphic design site might be the best decision for your mood board because you can save it to your desktop and make it your screensaver. Instead of having to log in to a website and pull it up whenever you start wedding planning, you can have it visible every time you open your computer. This makes it easy to view and remind yourself of what you’re planning.

Remember the Little Things

As you make your mood board, don’t forget the little things. You’ll want to choose images, layouts and colors that accurately reflect your wedding desires, but not just for big picture items. Even the type of silverware you want at your tables can go in your mood board. There would be nothing worse than you wanting gold silverware at your wedding, but your caterer chose silver because that was what was in the dining table image on your mood board. Remembering the little things will help to ensure that your planning goes smoothly and more easily.

Take a Breath — or Two

Wedding planning isn’t easy. In fact, many couples struggle during wedding planning season because they have to make major decisions and sometimes experience conflict. It’s important to take a breath or two while you create your mood board and make decisions about your wedding. A mood board is there to help make the entire process easier, not more difficult. With a mood board, you can more easily categorize your wedding wants and lay them out in a way that makes sense to you. Use it to make things less stressful.

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