How to Jade Roll 101

You’ve probably seen this skin care tool featured in beauty flatlays alongside oils, moisturizers and exfoliators. It has quickly made its place in daily skin care regimens of beauty bloggers, including my own. Now you’re probably thinking sure it’s pretty and all, but what does it actually do…and how do you use it?

We’re here to open your curiosity into an interest with jade rollers and just why so many of us are crazy about them. We promise they live up to the current hype too!

The Inspiration

Jade rolling has been used in the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, to extract negative energy and is an old beauty tradition carried on by wealthy Chinese women its believed. Not only is it supposed to help maintain the skin, but it is said to give your “chi” balance.

Key Benefits

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • De-puffs the skin, especially the under eye area
  • Reduces under eye darkness
  • Detoxifies
  • Increases circulation

Roll Away

The best advice I’ve received in using a jade roller is to pop it in the freezer/fridge before bed. In the morning you take it out for a soothing, cooling effect that will peacefully wake you up out of your drowsiness.

Use the tool after you have have gone through your morning routine (cleanse, exfoliate and apply your skin care treatments) no matter if it consists of all or just one of those steps. If you wish you can apply a daily oil, face mist, or moisturizer before getting started.

Take your jade roller and roll outward and upward from your forehead and down to your collarbones in short strokes. You’ll quickly see how your skin instantly appears refreshed, depuffied and brighter.

Mornings won’t seem so bad any more with this skin care tool under your beauty belt.

Purchase your own at a few of these brands that specialize in them!


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How to Jade Roll 101: Photographs courtesy of Beauty Director, Victoria Olmo.

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