Fall Hair Colors

Autumn’s leaves have made their transition from bright greens to dusty yellows, oranges, and browns. As the leaves change their shades for the seasons, we do much of the same thing with our locks. Balayages, ombres, and full colors are all being turned over for much more moody tresses. Gone are our full heads of light locks from the summer, all replaced by warm brunette colors, smoky grays, and touches of gold or rust highlights. Together, just like the leaves, they create a color board of fall all on their own.


Many of us still have a strong love for our golden hair that we gained over the summer. That sun-kissed look is something we never get tired of. If you want to keep a piece of summer with your hair, but are looking for a change, try darkening your locks a bit and leaving the tips golden. Doing so will create a cascading transition from light to dark, giving you the best of both seasons!
Have a full head of hair that is just one color? Try dying it a rich chocolate, fiery red, or even a light silver. These are all shades that will not only stand out, but will look good in any hairstyle you try. They’ll also easily transition into the next seasons of spring and summer.
The ombre skill of layering different hues into a beautiful hair masterpiece isn’t limited to only brown or blonde shades. The sight of it being done with more dusky colors, such as grey, is becoming much more common. We absolutely love the originality and dimension of grey shades layered together, especially since it is still a new occurrence. Are you daring enough to turn your hair into Fifty Shades of Grey?
Balayages and ombres are still going strong in the beauty world; the welcoming of fall isn’t making them go anywhere. The great advantage of having an ombre or balayage is that your locks are very adaptable, meaning it’s easy to warm up your tones. Add deeper browns, darker blondes, or even some red within it to keep up with the fall mood. It’ll look just as gorgeous as it did in the summer!
Fall Hair Colors: Photo credit to Box No. 216 and @JohnnyRamirez1 on Instagram

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