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Add Some Glitz and Glam to Your Hairstyle This NYE

The glitz and glam of the New Year can inspire extravagance like you’ve never imagined for yourself. From sequined shoes to glitter-coated faces, many of us like to transform into sparkle queens to embrace one of the brightest times of the year. But for those of you like myself who crave only a subtle glam, add these hair products and accessories to your collection for just the right amount of holiday shimmer.


A Tinge or More of Glitter
Nothing describes the New Year much like glitter. Lightly spritz some IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray over existing highlights to add a slight sheen or spray heavily onto hair for a more dramatic shine. This vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free, and gluten-free hair treat is enriched with coconut oil to keep strands nourished. It even offers sun protection! Don’t be afraid to go glitter crazy; this spray is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and is free of mineral oil and petroleum.

Shine Like No Other
Whether under the sun or club lights, you’ll be sure to shine with Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel. With 22 hues to choose from, coordinating with your OOTD is made simple. The Hair Flairs website even includes a DIY video, so you can quickly apply your piece on-the-go.

Add an Accent
Craving a fun, simple way to spice up your braids? All you need are the MiraCles Studio Beaded Hair Rings. This handmade goodie can be purchased in Silver, Dark Silver, Gold, or Antique Brass, and can be ordered in increments of five, depending on how many are needed to complete your style. Just lightly squeeze rings into place for a quick hair transformation that will surely leave you dazzling.

Hair Bejeweled
Take your sparkle to the next level with Luminence Crystal Tresses. These decadent hair strands are made with genuine Swarovski Crystals, available in six jewel-inspired colors: Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pink Ice, Tanzanite, and Peridot. Crystals are placed along an invisible strand, masked by hair, to intensify shine. Ditch the mirror; two tiny magnets hold the piece in place for easy application and removal.

If the Tiara Fits…
If you’ve ever wanted to look like a warrior princess, now is the time with the Icing Marble Effect Silver Chain Headband. Place in your hair like you would a simple headband, and enjoy the added marble stones and chains that delicately fall over your forehead. This elaborate piece will add just enough sparkle to deem you ready for the New Year.

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NYE Hair Glitz and Glam: Featured photo courtesy of Getty Images

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