A 2020 Guide to the Best Women’s Perfume for the Lady in Your Life

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Today we want to share with you the best women’s perfume for the lady in your life.  Ladies love a surprise – and they also love the scent of fresh perfume.  So if you’re looking for a lovely gift for the lucky girl in your life, why not indulge her in a bottle of something special.

From Calvin Klein to Gucci to Chanel, read on for the best women’s perfume out there in 2020 – guaranteed to delight her.

The Best Women’s Perfume 2020

best women's perfume

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Whether the lady in your life loves fresh, zingy, rich, or sweet, you’re bound to find an ideal choice of scent on this list. And gifting your loved one the perfect cologne doesn’t have to break the bank either.

If you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or best pal – she’s bound to adore one of these heavenly fragrances.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette

Speaking of J’adore – we’ll start with Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette.  A seasoned pro when it comes to producing timeless scents for women, this one is especially beautiful.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette is a pink treat to behold – the epitome of femininity for your typical girl’s girl.  The color of this elixir reflects the heavenly scent it carries. The fragrance emulates a bouquet of roses. And there’s a dash of delightful peonies for an added efflorescent flourish.  She’ll be proud to play the role of Miss Dior with the Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette

A maven of feminine fragrance, Chanel’s Eau Fraîche offering from the Chance range allows the wearer to sparkle.

This fizzy feel comes from the perfume’s surge of energy, brought about by its zestiness. The citric scents are entwined with jasmine and teak wood, not only giving the lucky lady a bout of freshness but a vitality boost as well. Also, the perfume is presented in an intriguing round green bottle.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette captures Mademoiselle Chanel’s famous mantra: “A chance came up, I seized it!”  It’ll be sure to inspire the lady in your life once they spray it on, too.

Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women Eau de Toilette

best women's perfume

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If the power of flowers comes in second to sultry sexiness, Euphoria for Women Eau de Toilette by Calvin Klein is the one for your lady.

This crimson perfume is provocative and amorous, built around the notes of lavish orchids and dewy lotus blossoms. Euphoria is also a little fruity, with an aroma of juicy pomegranate and a dash of persimmon.  Finishing off the unique scent of Euphoria perfume is a rush of musky mahogany wood. This is mingled with the creamy peachiness of smooth amber.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Eau de Parfum is very different. This scent moves away from the lighter, delicate fragrances typically associated with female perfume. It stirs up an aroma of black coffee injected with a shot of high-intensity vanilla.

This deep, dark fragrance will satiate her appetite, as well as her other senses. It mixes in a medley of orange blossom and pear. There’s also a jolt of jasmine, for something truly intoxicating.  Like brewing dark roast gets you out of bed, a few sprays of Black Opium will entreat its wearer to stay up ’til the early hours.

Gucci A Midnight Stroll Incense Eau de Parfum

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Flash-Forward-E / Pixabay

Step out to the garden in the dead of night with Gucci’s offering, A Midnight Stroll.  Evoking the magic of nighttime, this scent is rather Middle Eastern in its alluring aroma, with a spark of incense acque profumate – or scented waters.

It has been created channeling the art of alchemy, producing a deep and strong scent. The scent blends a darker, smokier note of cade wood with the fresh fragrance of cypress resin.

The result is a breathtaking elixir.  And as an added bonus, the perfume bottle is truly stand out. It is apothecary-inspired. It features a black lacquered glass container detailed with a gold jaguar, capturing mystique and intrigue.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun Eau de Toilette

From dark and dreamy to bright and alert, the Light Blue Sun Eau de Toilette from Dolce & Gabbana will transport you to the ocean.

This refreshing scent combines lemon and coconut. This makes it impossible for the lucky gal spritzing it on not to think she’s on the beach. The fragrance will transport her under the beating sun, a frozen cocktail clutched in one hand.  Evoking swaying palm trees, salt-licked breezes, and soft golden sand, this scent is the epitome of summer.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Azur Eau de Toilette

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monicore / Pixabay

Let’s step off the hot sand and out into the blue with Bronze Goddess Azur Eau de Toilette by Estée Lauder.

The lady in your life will truly be able to quench herself with this scent. It holds syrupy notes of Neroli Bigarade and Orange Flower Absolute. These are fused with the aroma of lush, sun-kissed figs.

Anyone around the wearer of Bronze Goddess Azur will be more than happy to drink in this fresh zesty fragrance. It also blends the juicy succulence of Sicilian lemon, Calabrian Mandarin, and Italian bergamot.  The aroma will take you to the Med, like a fresh breeze traveling in from the lapping ocean waves.

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Intense Leather Eau de Parfum

From the coastal water’s edge, let’s travel inland to the rolling hills of Tuscany. Tom Ford’s Private Blend Tuscan Intense Leather Eau de Parfum brings us back to the denser more luxurious scent of nightfall. It is a slightly harsher and more dramatic cologne for women.

A rich, bold aroma, this sophisticated perfume will help the wearer stand out in very unique ways. The lady wearing it will be encircled in the scent of crackling wood, luxury leather, and impressive wealth.

Not for the overtly-dainty, this concoction merges the deep spice of black pepper and smoky tobacco leaf, with a lighter touch of decadent black suede and amber wood.  It’s not all high drama, however – the scent is delightfully polished off with a feminine sprig of orange flower and a splash of Moroccan grapefruit.

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum

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maria-anne / Pixabay

Taking a diversion from the heady notes of summer to the brisk fragrances of fall, Romance by Ralph Lauren evokes scenes of leafy, crisp, chilly walks with your love.

She’ll love you even more for gifting her this classic scent, which brings oakmoss, marigold and violet leaves together for a sensory marriage made in perfumer’s heaven.  Top notes consist of the stunning yellow freesia, mingled with lemon, chamomile, and ginger, with heart notes of white violet, carnation, and lily, and a base made up of white musk and patchouli.

Ralph Lauren’s perfumers have a way of mingling classic with contemporary to create something utterly timeless. The woman in your life will be delighted with this offering – especially if they’re a fan of the cozy serenity that autumn brings.



Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani gets romantic with Si – a fragrance that manages to be subtle yet intense all at once.  There are three main notes mingled to create this Eau de Parfum – blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre, and light musky wood.

There’s a sweetness about Si that mingles top notes of berry cassis, Sicilian Bergamot, and orange oil. Its heart notes are very floral: freesia, jasmine, rose, and neroli; and it boasts warming base notes of patchouli oil, bark, amber, and vanilla.  Although a typical choice, plenty of women – including Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton – still opt for that flowery scent.

Chloé Nomade Absolu de Parfum

Nomade Absolu de Parfum takes Chloé’s original Nomade Eau de Parfum and intensifies it to a new level.  An even bolder interpretation, this blends vibrant oakmoss with the sweet cheekiness of Mirabelle plum, adding a fruity level to proceedings.  The scent is smooth and creamy with its rich burst of woody, nutty base notes.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum

For the good girl in your life (or maybe not) this stunning scent is extra special thanks to its fabulous stiletto shaped bottle.

Caroline Herrera’s stylish and sleek decanter houses a beautiful blend. The aroma of coffee, tonka beans, almond, and cocoa is infused with the scent of jasmine.  As a gift, Good Girl Eau de Parfum is sure to delight any lady who receives it. The lucky gal is getting two in one: a great new cologne as well as a brand new addition to their shoe collection.

What Are You Waiting For? Surprise Her!

There you have it – our guide to the best women’s perfume on the market in 2020.

These really are the crème de la crème of women’s fragrances and she’ll be thrilled with whichever you choose to surprise her with. But if there are any hidden gems we’ve missed let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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